Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Relief of Imperfection

Author: Joan C. Webb
Publisher: Regal Books
January 2008
ISBN: 0830744819
Genre: Nonfiction/Christian life/women

Joan C. Webb is a self-pro-claimed recovering perfectionist, and now she has a mission to help women let go of perfection and relax in imperfection.

THE RELIEF OF IMPERFECTION’s chapters include:

>The Relief of Imperfect Relationships and Families
> The Relief of Imperfect Churches and Culture
> The Relief of Imperfect Life-Work and Service
> The Relief of Imperfect Dreams, Plans, and Decisions
> The Relief of Imperfect Faith, Prayers, and Spirituality
Plus much more.

In THE RELIEF OF IMPERFECTION, Ms. Webb encourages us to believe the truth about God, others, yourself, and reality, and that will help release you from trying to appear perfect. She will teach us how to stop pretending to have all the right answers and enjoy authentic relationships.

Relief Guides are included every few chapters, including questions to answer and exercises to complete. In the letter to the readers, Ms. Webb recommends doing the book as a group study to get the most out of it, but if you are unable to do that then find an on-line friend to work through it with you (although you can do it on your own) and she also suggests starting a “Relief Journal” to record your discoveries and responses. If you want to do it as a group (recommended!) then you can access additional questions, ideas, and exercise at and click on Facilitator Tips or Group Discussion drop-down menu.

This book, as it says on the cover, will help you breathe. Calm down. It doesn’t have to be perfect. $14.99. 276 pages.

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