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A Bride of Honor / Always Ready / Killer Cargo

A historical, contemporary, and suspense for your reading pleasure.

Author: Ruth Axtell Morren
Publisher: Steeple Hill Historical
May 2009
ISBN: 978-0-373-78650-3
Genre: Inspirational/historical

Damian Hathaway is trying to preach a sermon to his parish when he notices a visitor – a very beautiful visitor – in the congregation. Damien is instantly attracted, but he knows he hasn’t got a chance. The lady is obviously wealthy, and a member of the ton. Still, he is stunned when his sister’s fiancĂ© invites the lady and her companions over for tea. Damian’s sister is also horrified. Poor preachers simply do not entertain wealthy members of the ton.

Lindsay Philips has been away from school, but when she goes home for a visit; her family wants to visit Rev. Hathaway’s church. Apparently, one of the members of his church had been a convicted felon and he recently received a royal pardon—and quite the talk of the town. Lindsay hadn’t heard any of this, but she is stunned and finds the story quite romantic.

Damian and Lindsay are instantly attracted, but a relationship is an impossibility. After all, Lindsay is engaged to another wealthy member of the ton. And a friendship between Damian and Lindsay are frowned upon by her parents—and Damian’s parishioners. Torn between two worlds, Damian and Lindsay must decide if their love can bridge the great divide.

A BRIDE OF HONOR is a charming regency style story set in 1812. I enjoyed reading the first book in this series, about Damian’s sister and her criminal boyfriend, and I enjoyed reconnecting with them, and getting to know Damian better in this book. He is a true hero. Lindsay is an adorable heroine, young, but sweet.

Ms. Morren is a very talented author, and I’m privileged to be able to be a reviewer of her wonderful stories. Gifted at bringing historical periods to life, Ms. Morren is a reader that anyone who loves historical fiction should consider. A great read. Discussion questions are included at the end of the book. $6.99. 393 pages.


Author: Susan Page Davis
Publisher: Heartsong Presents
August 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60260-575-6
Genre: Inspirational/contemporary romance

Caddie Lyle’s father was in the Coast Guard, and died while in the service, but Caddie is determined to live up to his legacy. While on a routine delivery mission, Caddie’s ship responses to a rescue call and Caddie ends up with a broken arm and six weeks of unexpected time off. She wonders if she should go home for a visit, or stay in Alaska, in hopes that an attractive Guardsman will ask her out.

Aven Holland is drawn to Caddie, but since he is serving on one ship, and she another, their time together is rare. Her broken arm is a blessing to him as she’ll be on the mainland for six weeks.

A commercial fisherman may end up losing his boat due to Aven writing a citation up on his boat, and his crew has a grudge against Aven. Alaska’s danger and a past secret threaten to tear Caddie and Aven apart. Can they learn to trust God for a future—together?

I’ve always enjoyed Ms. Davis’ military stories, and ALWAYS READY is no different. I enjoyed getting to know caddie and Aven as well as revisiting the branch of the military that I most closely identify with.

ALWAYS READY is a wonderful romance with plenty of military excitement worked in as the reader experiences a little taste of everything the Coast Guard is responsible for. Don’t miss ALWAYS READY. $4.95. 170 pages.


Author: Dana Mentink
Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense
June 2008
ISBN: 978-0-373-44296-6
Genre: Inspirational/romantic suspense

Maria de Silva routinely transports cargo and people on her small plane. This time she was hired to transport some animal supplies to a remote location. But when the men supposed to pick up the animals and food are late arriving, Maria starts poking around in the back of the plane. There she discovers a three-legged bunny, and a couple unmarked boxes of drugs.

When a car finally arrives, Maria panics and borrows a car from the airport and flees, leaving her plane. The bad guys are after her, shooting bullet holes in her borrowed car. Then she hears from her boss claiming she has stolen a box of drugs, and that when they find her she will pay. Panicking, Maria crashes into a creek and finds herself in the care of a wild animal sanctuary, and owner, Cy Sheridan.

Cy takes Maria in, as if she’s one of the injured animals he cares for. But Maria is afraid that she will be found and Cy and his animals will be hurt or worse. Is it safe to stay, or is there danger lurking in the woods?

KILLER CARGO is an older Love Inspired Suspense that I thought sounded interesting. I enjoyed reading about a female pilot, with an unlikely career, but I did feel that some of the events at the beginning of the book were a bit contrived.

Ty is a realistic heroine, kind and caring, and totally sweet. I enjoyed getting to know him. He obviously has a heart for the hurting and that goes for animals and people. Maria is a hurting individual, and skittish, but that is understandable with the trouble she landed in. Discussion questions are included at the back of the book. Available at $5.50. 216 pages.

A Bride of Honor and Always Ready were sent to me by the authors for the purpose of review. No money was exchanged. Killer Cargo came from the bookstore of my choice. I paid for this book.

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