Sunday, October 4, 2009

Called to Worship

Author: Vernon M. Whaley
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 978-1-4185-1958-2
Genre: Inspirational/Christian ministry/pastoral resources

CALLED TO WORSHIP was a book that grabbed my interest when I saw it listed on Thomas Nelson’s blogging for books site. It is about the biblical foundations of our response to God’s call.

As I started reading through the book, I discovered that it wasn’t exactly what I expected (don’t ask what that was) but is in fact an interesting exploration of Christian worship from the beginning of time (in Genesis, with Creation) and on down through time to the future (in Revelation with the ending of well, everything as we know it.)

Based on scripture, this book is touted as a pastoral resource, but I think that any serious Bible teacher or student would benefit from the reading of this book. CALLED TO WORSHIP teaches the history and doctrine of worship in ways that even I (a Bible student) can understand.

I enjoyed reading CALLED TO WORSHIP, and when my husband (a pastor) saw the book, he was interested in it as well, and he asked if he could have my copy of this book. He is anxiously waiting for me to finish reading it so I can give it to him.

CALED TO WORSHIP is a great resource for pastors, teachers, and students.
For a modest price of $24.99, hardcover, this book is a wealth of information with 361 pages, including an extensive bibliography. Don’t miss this book – great for Pastor’s Appreciation month, occurring in October.

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