Friday, October 30, 2009

Pray Big For Your Child

Author: Will Davis Jr.
Publisher: Revell
February 2009
ISBN: 978-0-8007-3246-2
Genre: Inspirational/prayer

Talking to your kids is important. Talking to God about them is critical.

Sometimes kids are causes of great concern. But even when they aren’t there are still all matters of things that need God’s hand…choosing a vocation, accepting the gift of salvation, their friends, and grades…every step in your child’s life matters to you—and to God. PRAY BIG FOR YOUR CHILD shows you examples, and promises from the Bible that are just waiting to be fulfilled on the behalf of your child.

Using the Bible as a guide, PRAY BIG FOR YOUR CHILD will teach you how to confidently and powerfully apply scripture as a prayer basis for your child. This book teaches you how to pray “Big, Audacious Prayers” for any stage or circumstance in your child’s life.

There is a book that I would dearly love to get my hands on; it is one titled Praying through Scriptures. PRAY BIG FOR YOUR CHILD reminded me of that premise, as it used specific scriptures to jumpstart your prayers for your child. I feel that I picked this book up on a timely day as I woke up with my husband heavy on my heart, and I was praying for him off and on all day, then as I started reading this book and praying the verses mentioned in the book, I wondered, why can’t I pray big for my husband? So down on my knees I went, re-praying all the verses for my husband – in addition to my children.

PRAY BIG FOR YOUR CHILD is a fantastic book that will take you beyond the “dear God, please be with my child” prayers to the prayers that are boldly taking you to the throne where you can ‘audaciously” request what is really on your heart—and use the Bible to back it up. PRAY BIG FOR YOUR CHILD includes a powerful thirty-one day prayer guide and twelve around the clock reminders to help you pray throughout the day.

This book is going on my keeper shelf. An invaluable tool for all parents, whether your child is toddling around, learning to walk and talk, or if your child is married with kids of his own, or if your child is on the brink of highschool graduation, facing…things yet unknown. Available from or your favorite family bookstore. $12.99. 186 pages.

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