Friday, March 11, 2011

A Conversation with God

Author: Alton Gansky
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
March 2011
ISBN: 978-0-7852-3165-3
Genre: Inspirational/nonfiction/Christian Life

Humans are full of questions. And we all have a list of things that we want to ask God when we get to Heaven. But sometimes there are questions that we want the answers to now. Like, have you ever looked up into the night sky and asked, “Why?”

A CONVERSATION WITH GOD was written because life is challenging and we long to understand. Gansky has attempted to remove all the “Christianese” from the pages of this book, so that anyone (even the unchurched) could pick it up and maybe find the answers to a few of their questions.

Gansky has written the book so that God, Jesus, and other key Bible characters answer our questions, in normal, every day modern language.
And some of the questions include (but aren’t limited to):

God, are we really living in the end times?
How can we believe that You created us?
If You love us, why do we suffer?
Can I lose my salvation?
What is Heaven like?
What will we do for eternity?

Every question and answer in A CONVERSATION WITH GOD has been drawn from the Bible where God reveals Himself. And each topic comes with scriptural references so you can explore the Bible verses for yourself.

I was really impressed with the organization of this book, and think it would be a handy reference guide for any new Christian, any seeker, or anyone ministering to them, (including pastors). Each question is just a few pages making this book a great daily reading (some suggest devotional) to enable you to think about the information presented in each answer. The information is well presented and Biblically sound. $15.99. 320 pages.

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