Friday, July 27, 2012

A Love that Multiplies

Authors: Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar
Publisher: Howard Books
July 2011
ISBN: 1439183813
Genre: Inspirational/memoir

Most everyone in America has heard of the Duggar’s whether or not they have television. A conservative Christian family who believes God should decide the size of a family—and has been greatly blessed in many ways.

In this story, it starts out with that bad ice storm that had hit Arkansas, with terrible power outages all over the state. It was fun reliving that ice storm through the Duggar’s eyes, but they got off easy. They only lost power for nine days. We went three weeks. I’m sure their experience was compounded though, with a very sick grandpa, and a very sick one-month old, plus camera crews filming their entire experience.

As another conservative Christian homeschool family, it was nice to know that there are others out there. It was good to read about how God has blessed them and their family, and my daughters want to read the books now. There are lots of fun extras included, such as pictures, recipes, and more.

In the pages of A LOVE THAT MULTIPLIES Jim Bob and Michelle attempt to answer questions that others have asked them as a result of their television shows. Everything from homeschooling, coping, challenges, dating, etc are addressed.

If you are interested in the Duggar family, then A LOVE THAT MULTIPLIES would be a book to pick up. Definitely recommended. 288 pages. $15.00.

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Mary Jackson said...

I have been wanting to read this! I need to go to the book store this weekend! Oh no that can't be good my husband hates to hear those words.