Thursday, May 15, 2014

Stalking Willow

Author: Fay Lamb
Publisher: Write Integrity Press
May 2013
ISBN: 978-1938092367
Genre: Contemporary/suspense

Bitterness, a stalker, and a neighbor to die for. What's a girl to do?

Trailed by a stalker in New York City, Willow Thomas, a young ad executive, scurries back to her small North Carolina hometown and the lake house where ten years earlier a scandal revealed her entire life had been a lie, and a seed of bitterness took root in her soul. The cocoon of safety Willow feels upon her arrival home soon unravels when she meets opposition from her family, faces the man she left behind, and the stalker reveals he is close on her heels.

Can Willow learn to trust God to tear out her roots of resentment, reunite her family, ferret out a deadly stalker, and to rekindle the love she left behind?

STALKING WILLOW is not what I expected. It is heart-pounding scary at times, and tear-inducing sweet at others. Certain parts of the story--such as part of "who-dun-it" I had figured out. Other parts of the story--such as "Bear"-- didn't turn out as I expected.

Ms. Lamb is an absolutely stellar romantic suspense author, and if this is the type book that Write Integrity puts out, I will be looking at more of their books. To be honest, the small press books I've read recently have been better written and more engaging than some put out by major publishers.

I will definitely be looking at more of Ms. Lamb's books. If you like romantic suspense, and don't mind a little terror and blood and gore, then you will love STALKING WILLOW. Great book. Great read. Great author. Don't miss it. 5 stars. 300 pages. $13.99. 

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Fay Lamb, Editor said...

Laura: I am humbled by your review. Thank you so much for your kind words and your encouragement. It means so much.