Thursday, July 2, 2015

Into Thin Air

Author: Mary Ellen Porter
Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense
May 2015
ISBN: 978-1-373-44671-1
Genre: Romantic suspense


When a child is abducted in front of Laney Kensington, she desperately tries to save the girl. But Laney is shot and left for dead; the kidnappers, their dark van and the girl long gone. FBI agent Grayson DeMarco explains she's the only witness to a worldwide child-trafficking ring. And if the kidnappers discover she's alive, they'll be back to finish the job. Yet Laney is determined to find the missing children. Even if it means returning to the search and rescue work she thought she'd left behind. And Grayson is just as determined to keep his sole witness protected. Especially when evidence hints that the real threat is closer than he ever imagined.

INTO THIN AIR is Ms. Porter’s debut novella and it is good, but touched close to home in a scary way. Laney witnesses a thirteen year old girl being abducted when she’s walking home from music lessons and I imagined my thirteen year old in that place—and instant tie to the story. I wanted Laney to help the FBI and police locate the missing children and return them to their families. I wanted the “bad guys” captured.

I did figure out “who-dun-it” relatively early since I read enough romantic suspense to figure out the writer’s mind. But I had to keep reading, and I especially liked the parts of the book where canine search and rescue was utilized. I hope this author has more books planned using these canine heroes.

If you like romantic suspense, you will love INTO THIN AIR. Available in paperback and ebook. 224 pages.

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

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