Sunday, September 10, 2017

Justice Buried

Justice Buried 

Paperback, ebook, hardcover, audio book

September 5, 2017

by Patricia Bradley (Author)

  • Paperback: 384 pages
  • Publisher: Revell
  • ISBN-13: 978-0800727123

In an effort to get her security consulting business off the ground, Kelsey Allen has been spending a lot of time up in the air, rappelling down buildings and climbing through windows to show business owners their vulnerabilities to thieves. When she is hired to pose as a conservator at the Pink Palace Museum in order to test their security weaknesses after some artifacts go missing, she's ecstatic. But when her investigative focus turns from theft to murder, Kelsey knows she's out of her league--and possibly in the cross hairs. When blast-from-the-past Detective Brad Hollister is called in to investigate, Kelsey may find that he's the biggest security threat yet . . . to her heart.

Crackling with romantic tension and laced with intrigue, this suspenseful story from award-winning author Patricia Bradley will keep readers guessing--and looking over their shoulders.

My thoughts:  JUSTICE BURIED is the second book in Ms. Bradley's Memphis Cold Case series. The first book is Justice Delayed.  I haven't had the opportunity to read the first book in this series, or any of Ms. Bradley's previous books, so I was looking forward to reading this one. Like I said, I didn't read the first book in this series, but JUSTICE BURIED stands alone.  

Kelsey is very definitely an active heroine. She is an expert rock climber and does stuff in the normal course of her day that would cause a normal man to hesitate. A super heroine of sorts, she works as a security expert, often undercover in normal type jobs while she tries to break into their firewall. Once she does, getting into the building in the dark of night is a cinch. Well, for her. Not a chance I'd try it. 

When the man who hired her is murdered, Kelsey tries to help the police figure out who-dun-it. Knowing the genre as I do, about the time I decided to sit down and make a list of characters the killer walked into the room and I knew it!!!! What I didn't know was why. Or what happened to Kelsey's business card.... so of course I had to keep reading. 

If you like suspense you will love JUSTICE BURIED. There is a touch of romance, but only a touch and I have no clue if it will play a factor in book 3 or not.  This might have been my first Patricia Bradley book, but it won't be my last. 

I was given a copy of JUSTICE BURIED free. My opinions are my own. 


Marilyn R. said...

Patricia Breadley's suspense books are page turners.

Marie Bast said...

I love Pat Bradley's books. Thanks for sharing.

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