Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Eye of the God

Author: Ariel Allison
Publisher: Abingdon Press
October 2009
ISBN: 978-1426700682
Genre: Inspirational/suspense

Is the curse of the Hope Diamond real, or just a legacy of greed?

Dr. Abigail Mitchell is the director and curator of the Smithsonian Institution. She has had a rash of art thefts recently, and so Abby travels to South American to warn another curator, but she is too late. International thieves rob the premises while Abby is still in the building.

One of the most priceless gems in Abby’s possession is the world famous Hope Diamond. And the international thieves are after this gem. Abby can’t let her guard down at all, but even that may not be enough to save the diamond.

EYE OF THE GOD is loosely based on a real life gem, and about the mystery and intrigue surrounding it. Abby is a realistic heroine, strong and courageous, even while faced with thieves ripping a ring right from her finger.

The story is very well written, full of suspense, that will keep readers turning the pages of this book. The story also flashes back to the story of a man who bought the gem back in the 1600s. Ms. Allison also says that on you will find stories of other real life historical people who have owned this gem. There is a touch of romance in the story. If you like stories of art heists and the intrigue surrounding them, then pick up a copy of EYE OF THE GOD. Discussion questions are included at the end of the book. $13.99. 348 pages.

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Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

I've heard great things about this book!