Saturday, June 19, 2010

Creede of Old Montana

Author: Stephen Bly
Publisher: Center Point
October 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60285-575-5
Genre: Inspirational/historical

Avery John Creede is an ex-cavalry soldier searching for four of his Army pals who didn’t show up for a reunion.

When Avery Creede arrives in Fort Benton, Montana, he notices a lady dressed in yellow strolling along the river bank. Something about the situation doesn’t sit right, so Creede heads down that way. The woman starts calling “Help, help” when she sees him and he figures she’s posted to draw his attention away from something else. Sure enough, three bank robbers come running out of the bank.

Creede is able to stop the robbery, but at that point all hopes of sitting in the sidelines becomes a distant memory. Now he is the midst of one conflict after another. Will Creede be able to make discoveries about himself and grow through this process?

CREEDE OF OLD MONTANA is a book that should appeal to Louis L’Armour fans. It is a western in the truest sense of the word, complete with gun-slinging criminals, dusty streets and small western towns, action, and of course, a beautiful woman.

There are some point of view glitches in CREEDE OF OLD MONTANA, making it kind of difficult to immediately get into the story. But after a while, the story takes over and I didn’t notice some of the point of view errors so much. Fans of westerns will want to check this book out for a breath of the Old West. $29.95, hardcover. 518 pages.

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