Monday, June 7, 2010


Author: Shelly Radic
Publisher: Revell
June 2010
ISBN: 978-0-8007-3449-7
Genre: Inspirational/parenting

According to MOMOLOGY, mothering is part art, part science, and always a work in progress. Ms. Radic has more then thirty years of research she conducted from the MOPS International Ministry, and is designed to help you become the unique mother that God created you to be.

MOMOLOGY is divided up into four parts

 Knowing who we are: building a healthy, resilient mom core
 Knowing what we’re capable of: developing finese in the way we interact with our kids.
 Knowing who we can count on: interacting within a circle of relationships that support us and our kids
 Knowing who God is: engaging with him in his grandscape

These areas are covered in four separate sections, each divided into naptime-size bites that include stories from an assortment of moms (Field Study), survey results (Mom States) and Voices, which includes research information. There is also a place for your thoughts.

Even better, but there is an on-line sourse ( where you can go share with other moms.

MOMOLOGY is a book that I wish I would have had available then my children were preschoolers. It is full of invaluable information that would have been beneficial to me. No mom should mother alone, and this book will help provide some of the support you need. $13.99. 231 pages.

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