Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Under the Distant Sky

Author: Al Lacy
Publisher: Multnomah
June 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60142-245-3
Genre: Inspirational/historical

Hannah Cooper and her husband, Solomon, live in Independence, Missouri, and witness numerous families stocking up for their exciting trip to the Wild West. Before long, the Coopers start thinking about following them west. At first, Hannah is cautious, but Solomon is excited. Finally, after careful consideration and prayer, they decide to go.

The wagon train west is not always a romantic thing. There were Indian attacks. Sickness. And many other tragedies. When the Coopers find the trip more dangerous than exciting they should have gone home. But they decide to go on. Will the end result be worth the trip?

UNDER THE DISTANT SKY is the first book in Al Lacy’s Hannah of Fort Bridger series. I read this book when it first came out in 1997, but that was long before I was a reviewer. I was quite surprised to get this book in my to review pile. It was like revisiting an old friend.

Mr. Lacy doesn’t romanticize the trip, he paints a portrayed with events that could have (and probably did) happen in real life. The story is very sad at times, so I suggest reading this book with a box of tissue close by. If you missed this book in 1997 and again in 2004, then you have another opportunity to read it. Pick up your copy of UNDER THE DISTANT SKY today. $6.99. 272 pages.

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