Friday, July 9, 2010

Breach of Trust

Author: DiAnn Mills
Publisher: Tyndale Fiction
February 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4143-2047-2
Genre: Inspirational/contemporary/suspense

Paige Rogers is a reinvented person. Now a librarian in a small Oklahoma town, she used to be a CIA agent, and has skills that no one in her small town would dream that she possesses. But she “killed” off her former self, and hid, spending several years building up a quiet life.

Miles is the town football coach and he’s had a crush on Paige since she came into town. But unfortunately for him she makes it clear that she is not interested in a relationship other than friendship.

But then a stranger comes riding into town. Allegedly working for a newspaper and writing an article on small towns. But Paige knows he’s not telling the truth and it is simple work to uncover the truth. Now, Paige’s careful existence has been shattered.

He is coming after her again. But this time he intends to silence her for good.

BREACH OF TRUST was in my to-read-pile, when I noticed that it won the Christy award for fiction. I was anxious to start reading it, once I heard that. I had read some of the other books that had been nominated and they were tops in my opinion, so I wondered what had made this book come out ahead.

Ms. Mills is a very talented writer, and she didn’t waste words when she wrote this manuscript. The writing is extremely tight, which usually makes me lose my interest in a book—normally when the writing is this concise all emotion seems to be drained out of it.

Not in this case.

A suspense with romance, and an operative kick, this is a book that will be going on keeper shelves. If you are looking for one suspense to read this summer, then BREACH OF TRUST will definitely be one you want to consider. Pick up your copy today. Discussion questions, and a preview of her next book in this series Breach of Security is included at the end of this book. $12.99. 378 pages.

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