Tuesday, July 13, 2010

David and Goliath

Author: Byyan Hathaway
June 2010
ISBN 978-1-60615-015-3
Genre: Fiction/Religious

Spiritual warfare has a new voice, and its name is Bryan Hathaway! In book one of The Guardian Angel Chronicles, Hathaway introduces David Liberty, a bitter, depressed old man trapped in a nursing home, equally trapped inside a body that refuses to obey his wishes. With his past littered with a failed marriage and the loss of a son, and with no prospects for a bright future, David longs for death. Until Joelle, his guardian angel, offers him that precious gift that only God can give . . . a second chance.

Of course there are rules that must be followed, and David must carry them out in the spirit of the law. And in exchange for a physical body, David must sacrifice his voice. As a motivational speaker, David had changed lives, transformed marriages, and turned run-of-the-mill businesses into thriving corporations. Bereft of his natural talents, David must, in the words of Joelle, “use actions to assist those in need and to demonstrate your beliefs.”

No book on spiritual warfare is complete without the adversary. Through Joelle, David Hathaway alerts the reader to a fundamental scriptural truth: “Satan will be trying to win people’s souls. He takes great delight in destroying the Lord’s children.”

David Liberty has a second chance. He has divine assistance from his guardian angel. But he also has a fallen nature, and the ability to exercise free will. Will David take advantage of his second chance, or will he fall short of the mark yet again?

Bryan Hathaway has crafted a novel that explores spiritual warfare on its many levels. While doing so, he also makes his readers care about the characters, their personal situations, and the ever-present existence of a foe beyond mortal power to overcome. Speaking spiritual truth, without being “preachy,” DAVID AND GOLIATH is founded upon the spiritual premise that true faith is a living faith, and that faith without works is truly dead.

Wow! What a fantastic book! Lots of spiritual meat, and a fresh new approach to spiritual warfare that makes Frank Peretti look like an amateur! Bryan Hathaway has a way of introducing his characters so familiarly, it's like they were your next door neighbors. He makes you care, and he challenges you to do something about it! 271 pages. $17.95 softcover

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