Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Perfectly Dateless

Author: Kristin Billerbeck
Publisher: Revell
July 2010
ISBN: 978-0-8007-3439-8
Genre: Inspirational/teen fiction

The prom countdown has begun…

Daisy Cristpin has 196 days to find the perfect date to the Senior prom, an event she is determined to attend, so she can have her picture taken with the perfect guy. She even made a list of names, possible candidates to be her date. But there are problems. Number one on the list is that Daisy is somewhat of a nerd. She’s totally invisible at school, possesses no social skills, and her parents won’t even let her talk to a guy on the phone.

There is more at stake that the extremely far-out possibility that her parents might let her go to the prom. If she someone did manage to get their consent (thought that in itself would take a miracle) she would need help getting guys to even notice her. Especially the popular jock types she’s targeting.

Daisy’s best friend, Claire, doesn’t understand Daisy’s obsession with the prom, or the preppy jock that Daisy likes best, but she’s prepared to do her part to help get Daisy noticed. But the trouble is, Claire’s help could ruin her life…

PERFECTLY DATELESS is the first teen book I’ve read by Ms. Billerbeck, and it’s a winner. Totally and completely realistic, and sadly, a reality probably felt by all the smart girls in school—the ones that the jocks ignore, unless they want help with their homework or cheating on a test.

I enjoyed getting to know Daisy. Her sarcasm is absolutely hilarious, and at times shocking and rude. This is a book that I could hand to my teen daughter and not be concerned that she’s reading something inappropriate. If you have a teenage daughter, pick up a copy of PERFECTLY DATELESS. $9.99. 257 pages.

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