Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Telling

Author: Beverly Lewis
Publisher: Bethany House
May 2010
ISBN: 978-0-7642-0573-6
Genre: Inspirational/Amish

Grace Byler and her English friend, Heather, have left Grace’s Amish community to seek for Grace’s run-away mother. The brethren are discussing shunning Lettie Byler if she isn’t home within a week. Grace and Heather do a lot of talking on the long car trip, getting to know each other better, but the arrival in Ohio doesn’t help them find Lettie at all. Instead, they discover she’s left, gone to an undisclosed location.

Lettie is continuing her private search, looking for information about the daughter she’s given up twenty-four years ago. But the search doesn’t seem to be panning out. Finally she finds the doctor who handed the adoption, and he helps her fill out the paperwork to access court records.

Heather is facing a time in a clinic designed to help cancer patients find a healthier, more natural way of living. But she also has a thesis to write. In the mean time, she enjoys getting to know more about Grace and the Amish community she temporarily lives in.

THE TELLING is the third book in Ms. Lewis’ Seasons of Grace series. I recommend reading the other books in this series first as this book does not stand alone. I couldn’t wait to read this book and was so excited to get this book from Bethany House to review. I just love Ms. Lewis’ books, no one can write Amish fiction like she does.

Grace, Lettie, Heather, and all the other main point of view characters in this book are all realistically developed, and almost real. I couldn’t wait to see where Grace’s friendship with Amish boy Yonnie would lead, to see Lettie’s relationship with Judah restored, and to find Heather healthy… The book ended the way that I pretty much figured it would, no surprises there, but it was an excellent read. I hate to see this series come to an end. But I am looking forward to Ms. Lewis’ new series coming in September! Don’t miss THE TELLING. This is a great read. $14.99. 334 pages.

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