Friday, December 7, 2012

A Wild Goose Chase Christmas

Author: Jennifer AlLee
Publisher: Abingdon Press
November 2012
ISBN: 978-1-4267-5249-0
Genre: Contemporary romance/Christmas

Izzy Fontaine’s grandmother has just died. She’s trying to finalize the funeral arrangements when an older man appears on her doorstep, lugging a box he claims Izzy’s grandmother left in his possession. The box contains an antique quilt that he says has been in Izzy’s family for generations. Only Izzy never knew this quilt existed.

Max Logan shows up on Izzy’s doorstep looking for his grandfather, and he discovers them talking about the quilt. He is upset, because Izzy’s grandmother had promised him the quilt for the Pioneer Museum where he’s curator. He claims he has proof. But Izzy is unwilling to give it up.

When Izzy’s brother and mother find out about the quilt they want it too, convinced that it’s key to some great treasure. Will this lead them all on a wild goose chase, or will it lead to the treasure her grandmother intended?

A WILD GOOSE CHASE CHRISTMAS is a totally cute romance set during the Christmas season. Izzy and Max are at odds over the quilt, and at times they both got a little rude, but their overriding good natures usually won out. I thoroughly enjoyed this Christmassy read and recommend it to anyone who loves a good contemporary romance and a Christmas story.

I couldn’t help but care for Izzy as her whole life is thrown into a tails spin with her grandmothers death and the following events. I loved the way her grandmother found ways to communicate with her after her death (and not in weird supernatural ways, but very real ways). Max too was real, with his own dreams and goals that life had a way of messing with. If you are looking for a good Christmas book, pick up A WILD GOOSE CHASE CHRISTMAS. $12.99. 224 pages. 

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