Friday, January 11, 2013

Night Flight

Author: Diane & David Munson
Publisher: Micah House
August 2012
ISBN: 978-0983559023
Genre: Young adult/thriller

When CIA Agent Bo Rider adopts a retired law enforcement dog for his family, teenagers Glenna and Gregg are surprised to discover Blaze’s special skills. They put the dog to work solving crimes, but a captured criminal seeks revenge forcing the kids to hide out at their grandparents’ Florida home. In Skeleton Key powerful villains connive to stop the teens from discovering their criminal enterprise. As Glenna and Gregg face high stakes, they find courage to keep pursuing justice.

In NIGHT FLIGHT, the first stand alone novel in the Munsons’ Truth Seeker Series, the Rider family learns the true meaning of loving your neighbor as yourself. This is the debut thriller for young adults by these best-selling ExFeds who write factional fiction based on their careers.

NIGHT FLIGHT starts out really exciting. Glenna has just gotten her learner’s permit and her dad lets her drive to the grocery store to buy things that their mom needs for dinner. The weather is deteriorating, a driver suffering from a severe case of road rage is on her tail, and Glenna is freaking out. (Kind of makes me afraid to train my learner permit driver, I’d freak out, too.)

The dialog was choppy at times, and there were a lot of different threads going in the book, but they did all come together at the end.  My ten year old wasn’t very interested in the book, she didn’t give it very high ratings. But if you have a teen or tweener that likes action packed thrillers then NIGHT FLIGHT is definitely a book to consider.  $9.99. 224 pages. 3.5 stars. 

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