Monday, May 6, 2013

Tempest in the White City


Author: Deeanna Gist

Publisher: Howard Books

March 2013

Genre: Historical

When a World’s Fair Guard and the woman doctor assigned to treat him square off in the White City, a storm is brewing…

Hunter Scott is one of the elite. An 1893 Chicago World’s Fair guard specifically chosen for his height, physique, character, and ability to serve and protect. When he is overcome with debilitating abdominal pain, Hunter stumbles to the Fair’s infirmary only to discover the doctor is female—who ever heard of a female doctor? But even worse, she has the nerve to diagnose him, the toughest man west of any place east, with constipation—an unspeakable ailment in mixed company. What will happen when this tough Texan and attractive doctor face off? Either way, a tempest is brewing...

TEMPEST IN THE WHITE CITY is touted as an e-short, the prelude to It Happened at the Fair.  I read It Happened at the Fair first, and it was fine as TEMPEST IN THE WHITE CITY really had nothing to do with the storyline for It Happened at the Fair.

Let me prelude this by saying I love Deeanna Gist’s books. I’ve read everything she’s written. And so when I saw this e-short, I willingly paid for it (note, I bought this).  I like short stories. I’ve read other e-shorts. This is a short (less than the 46 pages mentioned on Amazon) story about a man who has constipation—and the treatment she used to make his bowels move—so as another reviewer said, “nothing but a chamber pot tale.”

Unless you want to read one man’s tale of bathroom woes, don’t spend the 99 cents for TEMPEST IN THE WHITE CITY. Waste of money. $.99. 46 pages (and this includes the first chapter of It Happened at the Fair.) 2 stars.

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