Monday, April 23, 2018

CTC Math classes

CTC Math review 

CTC Math is a brilliant approach to math.  We were using ABeka curriculum for Algebra and Geometry and my daughter just wasn’t getting it. I even tried hiring a tutor and he didn’t like the program and whatever he used didn't work either. So when the opportunity opened to Beta Test CTC Math I jumped at it and was so excited to get accepted.

First of all, the math teacher has this lovely British accent even though it is based from Australia.  My younger daughter had a melt down when someone else took the teacher’s place, somehow she could tell it wasn’t the same person based on voice even though the other man had a lovely British accent, too. The lessons are short, easily explained, and very clear, plus you can set it up so that the student can answer 20 questions, 30 questions, or 40, and schedule tests when you finish a section.

I really like that I could go ahead and use the 7th grade materials I was using and that I could go back and make sure my 7th grader understood different concepts she struggled with. I could set topics from each grade, I could define my search and pick one topic or grade only, and I could schedule homework for an entire month (maybe more, I didn’t try) and the child can work them on a tablet, smart phone, desk top or laptop (whatever you have). 

Not only that but the teacher can keep up with what they did and how they did because it shows the grade, it shows what lessons they did, and when they did them and how many times they tried.
Right now my daughter has a 90% in Geometry and she understands the lessons. This is a win. My younger daughter is becoming more confident in her ability to understand the basics when before it was hesitant, and a lot of drama. She’s excited about CTC Math.  Both of my daughters are.

I highly recommend CTC Math.

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Marilyn R. said...

I'm going to have to recommend CTC Math to friends who are home schooling their children. Thank you for sharing.

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