Friday, April 13, 2018

The Golden Vial

The Golden Vial
by Thomas Locke

Legends of the Realm #3

With the realm under threat and an ailment sweeping the land, the last remaining hope may come from an unlikely source—a young, orphaned servant with untested and untrained abilities.

Thomas Locke
ISBN: 978-0-8007-2387-3
293 pages
$ 14.20  U.S. paperback

Lady Shona, the newly crowned queen of the realm, is a leader without a throne. Pursued relentlessly by a dark force, her small contingent of loyal followers must make a difficult choice--flee or fight. Determined to save her land from nefarious threats, Lady Shona decides that she must seek out the enemy and attack them head on--a strategy that leads back to the region of the Three Valleys where Hyam was born.

Alas, Hyam has been struck by a mysterious illness that is silently sweeping through the realm. Known as the wasting disease, the sickness has no cure. But there is one shred of hope for Lady Shona and the realm--and it comes in the most unlikely of forms. A young orphan, untested and untrained, could well mean the difference between victory and total defeat.

Thomas Locke concludes his epic trilogy with a gripping tale of courage that will inspire readers to persevere even when all seems lost.

What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;”.
William Shakespeare,
Romeo and Juliet

Perhaps that’s a question that one should ask of Dally . . . orphaned by a fire that had robbed her of father, mother, and three brothers; serving in the kitchen of the Mayor of Honor under the cruel ministrations of Krim, his wife; and yet possessed of gifts far beyond the scope of normal humans.  Magic came naturally to Dally, and her abilities in far-seeing were kept to herself, for fear of superstitious reprisal.  Until the fate of the realm was suddenly laid upon her small soldiers.

Hyam, The Emissary, lay in the elven realm, stricken by a strange malady that threatens to claim his life.  In an effort to bring healing to Hyam – and to the realm – Queen Shona risks both life and crown and travels to Honor, Hyam’s hometown.  Here, plans will be made that, if successful, will bring hope and healing to The Realm.

If they fail . . . The Realm will be no more.

This is book three in Thomas Locke’s THE LEGENDS OF THE REALM series . . . and one that I felt in my bones must be “just around the corner,” I’ve been waiting for it so long.  In fact, 2 days before I received the invitation to review The Golden Vial, I had just finished re-reading both  Emissary and The Merchant Of Alyss, so I was more than prepared to “jump in” and finish this series.

But . . . it’s not finished, is it, Mr. Locke?

Rich in stunning visual images, full of complex, well-rounded characters that grow before your very eyes . . .and so full of suspense, intrigue, heart-stopping action and heart-breaking emotion that you will feel as if you are just one more traveller on a journey of a lifetime.  You will find yourself 
“Rejoicing with them that do rejoice, and weeping with them that weep.” 
Romans 12:15 (KJV)

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