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The King's Daughters: A Women's Devotional


The King's Daughters: A Women's Devotional 

Paperback – ebook 

November 16, 2020

B J Bassett shares her personal experiences as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, and friend in this daily devotional. She welcomes you into her home, offers you a cup of tea, a comfy chair, and guides you through her spiritual journey. She conveys not only her walk with her personal Savior, but stories of other Jesus followers—Corrie ten Boom, Franklin Graham, Susanna Wesley, Franklin Roosevelt, and others. You’ll discover a closer walk with God through the meditations, Scriptures, and prayers in Your Crown Awaits.

My thoughts (lvh):   Ms. Bassett shares the wealth of her years of experience as a  Christian through the valleys and from the mountain tops, showing how God was always there, always loving, always our Heavenly father. You will be blessed by this devotional. Short, sweet, and to the point, this will help you spend time with God.

I was given a copy free. All opinions are my own.

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Book Spotlight: Curtain Call (Charm and Deceit)

Curtain Call 

(Charm and Deceit #3) 

Paperback – EBOOK

February 21, 2014

by Jennifer AlLee  (Author), Lisa Karon Richardson  (Author) 

  • Publisher : Whitaker House
  • Paperback : 256 pages
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1629110073

  • Emily Forbes longs to become a renowned opera singer. When it finally seems her dream is within reach, she dismisses her detective brother’s concerns and heads to New York City, where she lands the lead role in a production. While rehearsing, she meets an esteemed physician and psychologist named Samuel DeKlerk. The last name is familiar, and before long, she’s digging through the only case her brother never closed. At first put off by the newcomer prying into his past, Sam soon joins in the search, desiring to see his sister’s killer brought to justice. As Emily and Sam work to solve a case gone cold, mere tolerance for each other turns to mutual respect. Might love be waiting for them in the final act?

  • About the Author

    Jennifer AlLee is a full-time writer who has published numerous short stories, devotions, and plays. She is also active in church drama ministries, one of her primary passions. She attended Concordia University–Irvine and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Romance Writers of America, the Christian Authors Network, and the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance. Her first series with Whitaker House, coauthored with Lisa Karon Richardson, is Charm & Deceit, comprising Diamond in the Rough, Vanishing Act, and Curtain Call. Jennifer lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her husband, Marcus, and their children. Readers may visit to find out more about her and her writing.
    Lisa Karon Richardson has led a life of adventure, from serving as a missionary in the Seychelles and Gabon to returning to the States to raise a family. She graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor of arts in theology from Indiana Bible College and is working toward a master’s degree in health law and jurisprudence at Loyola University. Her first series with Whitaker House, coauthored with Jennifer AlLee, is Charm & Deceit, comprising Diamond in the Rough, Vanishing Act, and Curtain Call. In addition to writing books, Lisa works as an area claims manager for Trinity Health, managing medical malpractice litigation for a major health system. She lives in Ohio with her husband and their two precocious children. Readers may visit her blog at

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    Cold Dawn: (Cold Harbor Book 7)


    Cold Dawn: 

    (Cold Harbor Book 7) 

    Paperback – audio, ebook

    January 23, 2019

    by Susan Sleeman
    • Publisher : Edge of Your Seat Books, Inc. 
    • Paperback : 312 pages
    • ISBN-13 : 978-1949009248

    An inferno meant to destroy…

    Blackwell Tactical operator and former criminalist Samantha Willis discovers forensic evidence to prove her friend has been murdered. But before she can gather the evidence, an explosion erupts and a fiery inferno traps her in a building. She helplessly watches the evidence go up in flames and prays that she can escape before the encroaching flames take her life.

    Or an act of revenge…

    Firefighter and former Navy SEAL Matt Griffin knew his friend’s death was no accident, and he arrives at the building to gather his own evidence. But he sees the building engulfed in flames and discovers a familiar car parked in the lot. Sam, his former girlfriend, had to be trapped inside. Despite his training, despite his captain’s protest, Griff takes off without a threat assessment, risking his life to enter the building and drag Sam to safety. When he does, he can’t help but wonder if the fire was set to destroy evidence or if it was set to kill Sam. Either way, if Sam survives, he vows to hunt down the answer.

    My thoughts (lvh): Ms. Sleeman's COLD DAWN may be the last in the series, but it won't leave you cold as you read about a raging fire. Someone killed Sam's long time friend and she is hunting answers.

    Far from formula suspense, COLD DAWN leaves you guessing as you try to figure out who / why / what /and how, but be warned Ms. Sleeman is a master at twists that come out of no where.

    I was given a copy free and all opinions are my own.  

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    Book Spotlight: Love Finds You in New Orleans, Louisiana


    Love Finds You in New Orleans, Louisiana 

    Paperback – hardcover

    February 1, 2012

    Tuesday, January 19, 2021

    Still the One (Deep Haven Collection #1)


    Still the One 

    (Deep Haven Collection #1) 

    Ebook, paperback

    by Susan May Warren  (Author), Rachel D. Russell  (Author) 

    • Publication date : January 12, 2021
    • Publisher : Sunrise Publishing
    • ASIN : B08J9DDZDZ

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    His Accidental Amish Family (Unexpected Amish Blessings)

    His Accidental Amish Family 

    (Unexpected Amish Blessings #3) 

    Mass Market Paperback – ebook

    December 1, 2020

    by Rachel J. Good  (Author) 

    • Publisher : Zebra 
    • Mass Market Paperback : 352 pages
    • ISBN-13 : 978-1420150469

    Life can be surprising, upending the best-laid plans. But as in Rachel J. Good's third Unexpected Amish Blessings romance, even in the wake of tragedy, God's grace and the healing power love can close any wound.

    In the picturesque Amish community of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, life's detours may prove the path to true happiness...

    After a buggy accident when she was a teenager, Anna Flaud was told she would never walk again. Unwilling to be an object of pity, she put aside her dreams of marriage and found purpose as an assistant at a Community Care Center. Now she has a chance to fulfill her dearest wish--motherhood--and adopt three siblings with special needs. Yet the opportunity comes with a condition Anna isn't sure she can meet: finding a husband.

    Levi King began working at the center as penance after a careless mistake led to tragedy. Though he's dealing with his own heartbreak, he's drawn to Anna, cheering her on as she strives to regain her mobility. Her quiet determination, her generous heart--these are qualities to cherish in a wife. Still, Anna's plans give him pause. Given his past, Levi hardly trusts himself to care for one child, let alone three. Yet together, perhaps they could forge a family made sturdier by all they've overcome...

    Marilyn’s thoughts:   His Accidental Amish Family is the third book in Good’s Unexpected Amish Blessings series. Anna and Gabe were in the previous book, His Pretend Amish Bride, but had a significant place in this book.


    Anna’s move to Bird-in-Hand area brought her in contact with Levi King as her therapist. She had one goal in mind and that was to walk in front of Gabe, her former boyfriend before the accident that left her confined to a wheelchair. Levi is drawn to Anna but his past will not allow him to consider marriage and children. I really enjoyed Levi’s twelve year old brother Jonah that had suffered a trauma which affected him for life. There are twists and turns with the characters that made you wonder how they would come together. Will Anna and Levi be able to move forward and find forgiveness, healing of their broken spirit and renewed faith?


    Personally having work with foster parents and foster children, I appreciated the way Good’s incorporation of foster children and the issues they face along with the challenges of fostering children was presented. Good’s research of physical therapy sessions and client’s goals and the foster system are well researched. I was surprised by some of the events in the final chapters but it’s realistic even though some are against the way the story went.


    Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Publishing for the ARC e-book without any obligation to write a positive review. I have expressed my own opinion. I look forward to reading more of Good’s stories in the future.

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    The Desires of Our Hearts by B J Bassett


    Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4


    In the early 1970s, I was a member of a megachurch. I sat in the sanctuary every Sunday and worshiped my Lord. The bulletin contained a sheet with seven short devotionals to read during the following week.


    I prayed, “Lord, I sure would like to be able to write devotionals.” But I didn’t even know where to start. Plus, my plate was full with raising a family and working.


    I later learned how to express myself briefly with a short meditation, including appropriate Scripture and a prayer. At first, the local newspaper published my devotionals. Later, I wrote them for numerous denominational booklets, and today I continue to write them for Pathways to God.


    A couple of years ago, I felt God’s call to write a devotional book. I answered His call. The result is The King’s Daughters—A Women’s Devotional.


    God doesn’t always give us the desires of our hearts immediately. Sometimes it takes a long time. But He’s always right on time—His time.


    Blessings as you seek Him and the desires of your heart.


    Father, You are always right on time. Thank You for all Your promises in Your Word and for giving me the desires of my heart. Amen.



    B. J. Bassett encourages others as an author, teacher and speaker. Her books include a contemporary novel, Gillian’s Heart; a historical novel Lily; Sweet Charity; A Touch of Grace—The G.R.A.C.E. Ministries Story; and coauthor of a children’s devotional My Time with God, Focus on the Family, Heritage Builders, with over 55,000 copies sold.


    As a contributing writer, publications consist of Writer’s Handbook 2000, The Writer, and The Focus on the Family Guide to Growing a Healthy Home, Wolgemuth& Hyatt, Publishers, Inc.—consistently on Bookstore Journal’s Best-selling Christian Books List from November 1990 - February 1991, and voted the 10 Best Books for 1990 by Today’s Christian Woman.


    Magazines, devotional booklets, curriculum and newspaper publishers include Focus on the Family, Woman’s World, The Quiet Hour, Pathways to God, Devotions, Harcourt Brace, WordAction, Gospel Publishing and Times Standard (newspaper).


    She teaches writing workshops at Umpqua Community College, Roseburg, OR and at writer’s conferences. As a speaker for Stonecroft Ministries, she tells her story of rejection and acceptance, not only in life, but as a writer as well. She also offers book talks, including discussion questions and shares the journey -- from the seed of an idea to a published book.


    Memberships: ACFW and Oregon Christian Writers (OCW).


    She enjoys reading, jigsaw puzzles, knitting, munching warm scones oozing with butter and strawberry jam and sipping earl grey tea.





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    Book Spotlight: To Love and Cherish (Bridal Veil Island)

    To Love and Cherish 

    (Bridal Veil Island #2) 

    Paperback – ebook, audio

    August 1, 2012


    An Amish Winter

    An Amish Winter 

    (Love Inspired) 

    Mass Market Paperback – ebook

    December 29, 2020

    Can love warm their hearts?

    Snowstorms and babies bring couples together

    in these two sweet Amish novellas.

    In Vannetta Chapman’s Stranded in the Snow, widowed single mother Faith Yoder and her baby find temporary refuge from a snowstorm with Elijah King’s generous help. And in Caring for the Amish Baby by Carrie Lighte, after her trip south for the winter is delayed, Amish spinster Leah Zehr must work with Jonathan Rocke to care for her sick friend’s baby.

     Marilyn’s thoughts:  An Amish Winter is a delightful read with two wonderful novellas that are brand new tales from each author. I appreciate that Harlequin Love Inspired is doing this instead of publishing 2 in 1 for previous book releases.


    Stranded in the Snow by Chapman brought tears and smiles. I felt the cold blowing snow and each emotion the characters were facing. Faith and Elijah were true to life with their characteristics. There are some tense moments but learning to see things differently can happen when others are involved. I appreciate how the author brought the story together in a lovely way without it feeling rushed in this novella.


    Caring for the Amish’s Baby by Lighte had Leah and Jonathan caring for his niece, due to her parent’s illness. Leah initial plans were for a short visit with her best friend Leah but life happens. The unexpected time of being together and recognizing a need brought a nice ending to the story that was sorted unusual for an Amish man.


    I received a complimentary copy of this book from one of the authors and was under no obligation to write a positive review. I have expressed my own opinion. I look forward to reading more Love Inspired Amish stories by Chapman and Lighte. 





    The King's Daughters: A Women's Devotional

      The King's Daughters: A Women's Devotional  Paperback – ebook  November 16, 2020 by  B. J. Bassett     (Author) ASIN :  B08NNV1CMB...