Thursday, November 27, 2014

Swept Away Book spotlight and GIVEAWAY !!!!

Swept Away Quilts of Love Laura V Hilton Cindy Loven

Swept Away

He survived a life-altering event. She is facing one.

Sara Jane Morgan is trying to balance teaching with caring for her grandmother who doesn’t want to be cared for. When school lets out for the summer, the plans are for Grandma to teach Sara Jane to quilt as they finish up the Appalachian Ballad quilt Grandma started as a teenager. But things don’t always go as planned.

Andrew Stevenson is hiding from his past—and his future. He works as a handyman to pay the bills, but also as an artisan, designing homemade brooms. When Sara Jane’s grandmother hires him to renovate her home, sparks fly between him and his new employer’s granddaughter.

It doesn’t take Sara Jane long to see Drew isn’t what he seems. Questions arise, and she starts online researching him. What she discovers could change her life—and her heart—forever.

Author review:

I loved writing Andrew and his trail journals and getting to know his secrets. 

If you like contemporary romance, humor, unexpected twists, and a strong faith message, you’ll want to pick up Swept Away. 

Set in the mountainous region of West Virginia and Pennsylvania. I was there once on a candidating trip to Pennsylvania. Who knew that such a trip would provide research for a future book! I was at the Fort mentioned in the story. Peeked in the window of the tavern...

I especially loved writing the trail journals. Who knew how Andrew's story would come to light? He even kept me guessing. 

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We are beginning a month of fun! Today is the release of Swept Away, Quilts of Love by Laura V. Hilton and Cindy Loven
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The Rafflecopter runs from November 18th until December 15th at 12 am. 

To celebrate we are having some giveaways.

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Handmade pillow with the heart block on it from the cover of the book (as similar as I could make it)
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Great Kings of the Bible: How Jesus is greater than Saul, David and Solomon

Great Kings of the Bible: How Jesus is greater than Saul, David, and Solomon
Elementary. Price $9.99
Christian Focus Publications

Great Kings of the Bible: How Jesus is greater than Saul, David, and Solomon is a hardcover book that will teach children about the similarities and differences of Jesus, versus well-known biblical kings of Saul, David, and Solomon.

The three greatest kings of Israel were Saul, David, and Solomon. Saul was the first king of Israel. David led Israel’s army to great victories, and Solomon built a temple for God.

However, many years later a different king would come. This king was born in a stable, not a palace. He served thee sick, the poor, and the needy and was without any sin. This king is Jesus, God’s Son. He is different… His greatest victory was his death on the cross (and resurrection) and because of that God made him, the greatest of all kings, the King of Kings.

In Great Kings of the Bible: How Jesus is greater than Saul, David and Solomon Pastor Reju compares each of these three kings, individually, with Jesus. Saul was a tall man, somewhat a coward who tried to hide when Samuel called the new king. He died because he killed himself after a defeat, and his body was hung on the wall by his enemies. Jesus’ body was hung on the cross by his enemies…

Great Kings of the Bible: How Jesus is greater than Saul, David and Solomon is simply written, skipping most of the details one would read in the Bible or hear in Sunday school with more of a summary. Saul was jealous of David and pursued him for many years is said, instead of going into detail about the different events. David is shown as a mighty warrior, with a wild side, dancing on the streets in abandon, yet beating all the enemies—much as Jesus conquers sin. And Solomon was the wisest king and it compares his wisdom with Jesus.
Great Kings of the Bible: How Jesus is greater than Saul, David and Solomon is a great tool for teaching children the basic information about Saul, David, and Solomon and comparing them to the King of Kings, the Lord Jesus Christ. Excellent for Christian schools, Sunday schools and children’s church, and homeschool parents. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Interview with Julie Arduini

Why do you write the kind of books you do?

I long to see readers find freedom through surrender so I write about surrender issues that we all probably face.

What is your current work in progress?

Entangled, Book 2 in the Adirondack series. This is Carla’s story and I can’t wait to share it.

I can't wait to read it, Julie. How do you choose your settings for each book?

I want to introduce readers to Upstate NY so this series is based in the Adirondacks. I’m already thinking of ideas for another series and that would be the Finger Lakes region.

I've driven through that area years ago. Beautiful country. What three things about you would surprise readers?

I was born on Good Friday with tornado warnings, I hate eggs, and enjoy NASCAR.

I'm not overly fund of eggs either. What are your hobbies, besides writing and reading?

 I enjoy taking amateur nature photos. Anyone can take a look on Instagram or Pinterest @JulieArduini.

 Tell us about Entrusted

Entrusted is about a city girl who moves to the Adirondack mountains and produces a lot of change for the local grocer.

Is there one particular message or “moral of the story” you hope readers walk away with?

To surrender fear. For Jenna, it’s the fear she won’t belong. For Ben, it’s fear of death and change. God’s got those things. And He’s got you.

Will we know what happens to your character after the end of the book?

Not only that, all the characters from Entrusted will be included in Entangled. Jenna has a few key scenes with Carla in Entangled.

 What’s on the horizon for you?  What will you be writing next? 

After Entangled comes the last in the series, Engaged. That will be Trish Maxwell’s story. I’m also one of the Write Integrity authors involved in the romance where readers choose the heroine, The Love Boat Bachelor.

Where can readers find you online?

 You can find me across social media (FB, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, Instagram) @JulieArduini. I’d love for readers to visit me at my website,

Julie Arduini is an author with a passion to encourage readers to find freedom through surrender. Her first Adirondack contemporary romance, Entrusted, gives readers hope to surrender fear. A Walk Through the Valley will soon be available as an infertility devotional with 5 other authors. She blogs every other Wednesday at Christians Read and is a frequent contributor to Jasmine’s Place. To learn more about her writing and love of chocolate, visit She lives in Ohio with her husband and two children.

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Story Keeper

Author: Lisa Wingate
Publisher: Tyndale
August 2014
ISBN: 978-1414386898
Genre: Women’s fiction

“She’d noticed immediately that I understood the lure of a good story. Sometimes a world that doesn’t exist is the only escape from one that does.”

Successful New York editor, Jen Gibbs, is at the top of her game with her new position at Vida House Publishing -- until a mysterious manuscript from an old slush pile appears on her desk. Turning the pages, Jen finds herself drawn into the life of Sarra, a mixed-race Melungeon girl trapped by dangerous men in the turn of the century Appalachia. A risky hunch may lead to The Story Keeper's hidden origins and its unknown author, but when the trail turns toward the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, a place Jen thought she'd left behind forever, the price of a blockbuster next book deal may be higher than she's willing to pay. 

THE STORY KEEPER is pure Lisa Wingate. Within pages of starting the book I was fully connected with Jen—and then when she started reading the old slush pile manuscript, I couldn’t help but feel for Sarra.

My daughter, reading over my shoulder while I waited in line somewhere, commented, there’s a lot of bad grammar in this book. I told her that Ms. Wingate writes the way the character talks, thinks. Pure point of view.

Both storylines are written in first person, which doesn’t bother me but may detour some readers. If you like women’s fiction, you will absolutely love THE STORY KEEPER. Highly recommended. 449 pages. Available in ebook, paperback, hardcover, audio, and MP3. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

I Have Seen God

Book info and review
About the book: I Have Seen God: The Miraculous Story of the Diospi Suyana Hospital in Peru(Monarch Books, October 2014)

The miraculous founding of a top class hospital for some of the world's poorest people

Klaus-Dieter and Martina John---both brilliant, talented, and highly qualified doctors---turned their backs on lucrative careers to follow their dream to open a first-rate medical facility for the Indians of the Peruvian Andes, some of the world's poorest people. The Peruvian Andes natives suffer appallingly from the diseases of poverty and, although they make up approximately 40 percent of Peru's population, are ignored by the authorities.

Having studied at the universities of Harvard, Yale, and Johannesburg during his training as a surgeon, Dr. Klaus-Dieter John together with his wife, Dr. Martina John, a pediatrician, developed a concept for a modern hospital in the Peruvian Highlands.

Turning down other offers, including a professorship, they set themselves the task of raising the millions of dollars needed. God opened the hearts and consciences of individuals and companies to create not just a health center, but a fully equipped hospital. Their story and vision has captured attention around the world and today they have the backing of 180 corporations and 50,000 private supporters.

The hospital's name, Diospi Suyana, means "we trust in God" in Quechua, the native language of the people it serves. It is a testament to their experience that with God the impossible can happen. The incredible conviction and profound faith of the Johns will refresh your heart and stir your spirit.

My thoughts:  Wow, this was quite a reading adventure! The story about two German medical students who dated--off and on--served on many different committees together and mission trips, and then later married and went to serve as medical missionaries to Peru. 

Written as a memoir, this book will engage the reader as if Dr. Klaus-Dieter John is sitting across the table from you, telling the story. A wildly popular book, as if the edition I have it is in it's 8th printing, and has been translated from the original German version into many different languages including the English version I have.  I seriously enjoyed this book... not because it's a missionary story, not because it's a true accounting of events, but because God really moved in ways that some would consider unbelievable, unless they themselves experienced it. Or if they read this honestly written accounting as a statement of fact. Faith. 

Don't miss I HAVE SEEN GOD. Recommended. 

Purchase a copy:

About the author: Klaus-Dieter John studied at the universities of Harvard, Yale, and Johannesburg during his training as a surgeon. He and his wife Dr. Martina John, a pediatrician, have dedicated their lives to the establishment of the hospital in Peru.

Find Klaus-Dieter online: website

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Love Finds You in Nazareth, Pennsylvania

Author: Melanie Dobson
Publisher: Summerside Press
November 2011
ISBN: 978-1609361945
Genre: Historical romance

They were strangers when they
married, but they both long for love.

Christian and Susanna had never met when they
were chosen by lot to marry in a Moravian
community in Germany. But in 1755, they traveled
with a dozen other newly married couples to
Nazareth, Pennsylvania, to help establish a
Moravian borough and share their faith with the
surrounding Indian nations.

Susanna’s heart warms toward her new husband
even after she learns that he had wished to marry
another woman in Germany. As war rages between
the British and French Indians and their young
marriage faces hardship, Susanna wonders if
Christian will ever return her love.

LOVE FINDS YOU IN NAZARETH PENNSYLVANIA is based on a real community and events in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. It is heartbreakingly sad at times, and heartwarming beautiful at others.

It was hard to read what some of these Moravian missionaries faced in their effort to get the salvation gospel to the Indians. I didn’t like their approach toward marriage and family, keeping husbands/wives/children separate from their families and only allotting them one hour a week for mothers to see their child, one hour a month (or less!) for a husband and wife to be locked in a bed chamber with a guard outside the door for marital relations.

It was horrible to read some of the events in this book, but that said, it was based on real life. And fans of historical romance will probably enjoy this book. I couldn’t put it down. Recommended. 312 pages. Available in paperback, hardback, and ebook. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Fabulous After 50

Author: Shirley Mitchell
Publisher: Whitaker House
June 2013
ISBN: 978-1603747370
Genre: Nonfiction

Faced with the constant barrage of a youth-oriented culture, many women today have developed a negative attitude toward the unpleasant reality of aging. Author Shirley W. Mitchell challenges women approaching 50 not to fear their futures but to embrace them. Realize that going through physical, emotional, and spiritual changes can take you into a realm of amazing possibilities. Among the topics Shirley covers are...

~ Overcoming midlife fears
~ Coping with loss
~ Creating and fulfilling dreams
~ Shaping spiritual life
~ Improving fitness and diet

The quantity of years in your life does not need to decrease the quality of your life. Here's dynamic proof that living longer can also mean living better!

FABULOUS AFTER FIFTY is the first book by Ms. Mitchell I’ve read. I’m used to being on her talk show “Aging Outside the Box” and I expected to hear Ms. Mitchell’s deep southern accent as I read the pages of the book. It did shine through in some places and I smiled as I imagined Ms. Mitchell saying the words.

I loved the top ten lists that are included in the chapters as well as the attitudes of aging. Ms. Mitchell also included biblical truths in each chapter. A great reminder that over fifty is our second adulthood and we need to keep dreaming, keep working, and exercise to keep our minds and bodies strong, active and healthy. Highly recommended. Available in print and ebook. 192 pages.