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Create!: A Girl's Guide to DIY, Doodles, and Design

Create!: A Girl's Guide to DIY, Doodles, and Design (Faithgirlz) 


March 6, 2018

by Ashley Mays (Author)

  • Age Range: 8 - 12 years
  • Grade Level: 3 - 4
  • Series: Faithgirlz
  • Paperback: 144 pages
  • Publisher: Zonderkidz; Gld edition
  • ISBN-13: 978-0310763161

Ready, set, create! Whether you’re an aspiring artist or a just-starting-out doodler, Create! A Girl’s Guide to DIY, Doodles, and Design is the perfect book to inspire your creative side. From coloring pages to quick-and-easy crafts—like photo frames and duct-tape bags—and everything in between, this full-color book from the trusted Faithgirlz brand provides step-by-step guides to more than 50 fun and easy projects. Learn how to make your own DIY projects, create one-of-a-kind jewelry, and draw like a pro. Perfect for individual use or for sleepovers, birthday parties, and more, Create! is sure to bring out your inner artist.
Content includes:
  • DIY décor, photo frames, duct-tape purses, and more
  • Pages of quotes and designs to color
  • Easy-to-follow doodling and drawing guides
  • Jewelry making for friendship bracelets, earrings, and more

My thoughts:  CREATE! is a fun book for tween, teen, and older girls to make fun crafts for themselves or for gifts for friends and family.  I love some of the ideas in this book, like buying a big wooden letter (L for my first name) and gluing beads on it to make a pretty keepsake or decoration.  Or a prayer case which is actually a travel soap dish decorated and tiny sticky notes and a pen in it for writing your prayer requests out. 

There are more than fifty craft ideas, so if the two I mentioned aren't for you don't give up - pick up a copy of the book and thumb through it.  You will find something. 

This is great for VBS crafts, summer camp crafts, children's church crafts, or for the crafty girls you know to make fun things for themselves and others.  My daughters have all picked out different crafts they want to try. 

I received a copy free. All opinions are my own,

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Barbara Cameron's Buried Secrets and #giveaway!!!

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Buried Secrets 

(Harvest of Hope #2) 

Paperback, ebook

May 22, 2018

  • Paperback: 272 pages
  • Publisher: Gilead Publishing 
  • ISBN-13: 978-1683700579

Family secrets could get in the way of a second chance at love

After her husband dies, Rose longs to be near her family—especially her twin sister, Lillian—so she packs up her young son and leaves their life in Ohio to move back to Paradise, Pennsylvania.

Luke Miller is ready to settle down in Paradise. He soon forms a partnership with Rose to help farm her land. He finds that he's enjoying the company of the quiet, modest widow and she may be just the woman he's been waiting for. But is Rose hiding a secret beneath her reserved exterior—one that could keep her from having a future with Luke?

And Rose isn't the only one concealing something. Luke has a secret of his own, and it could threaten their partnership—and their chance at love.

My thoughts: BURIED SECRETS is the second book in Ms. Cameron's newest series. Readers will want to read Seeds of Hope but this does stand alone. It is just a bit of Luke's backstory (that you don't need to know but you will want to). 

I felt so sorry for Rose, losing her husband and having to move home but I was glad she had a twin sister there and other family to welcome her back. 

I loved the addition of the red cardinal and all the symbolism he represented, and also the way he acted as a guardian angel of sorts. 

Rose and her twin had secrets, some of which surprised me, some didn't as I knew which way I'd take it if I were the author. I loved the way they were woven into the story. Luke had his secrets, too. 

My only complaint was a bunch of characters, many of their names beginning with the letter L, so I was trying to figure out - which was the twin and how was Lovina related (if at all). There were also a bunch of other characters mentioned once and never again and I didn't know who they were.  It confused me. 

I was given a copy free. All opinions are my own.


Barbara Cameron has a heart for writing about the spiritual values and simple
joys of the Amish. She is the best-selling author of more than 40 fiction and
nonfiction books, three nationally televised movies, and the winner of the first
Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Award. Her books have been
nominated for Carol Awards and the Inspirational Reader's Choice Award from RWA's Faith, Hope, and Love chapter. Barbara resides in Jacksonville, Florida.  

Monday, May 21, 2018

Find Rest: A Women's Devotional For Lasting Peace In A Busy Life


Hardcover, ebook

March 26, 2018

by Shaunti Feldhahn (Author), Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth (Foreword)

  • Hardcover: 250 pages
  • Publisher: iDisciple Publishing; 1st edition
  • ISBN-13: 978-0997636895

Are you worn out and overwhelmed by your never-ending to-do list? Multitasking. Taking care of family and friends. Driving car pool. Running errands. Filling out paperwork. Meeting deadlines at work. In today’s do-it-all world, women are busier and more tired than ever juggling the roles of mom, executive, volunteer, student, wife, friend, and everything in between. We’ve all been there – feeling frenzied and desperate as we try to keep it all together. Some days it feels like we’re managing everything well, but more often than not, it feels like everything is managing us. It is easy to become emotionally, physically, and spiritually exhausted. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It is possible to experience a life of peace and find rest for your soul – even with life’s demands.

My thoughts: FIND REST: A Women's Devotional For Lasting Peace in a Busy Life is a beautifully done, hardcover devotional for women. The devotions are short, one verse, thoughts about it and busyness and then a brief question for the woman to answer (with  lines to write on) and a thought to end with an application. 

There is no meat to these devotions, they are not for deep, growing Bible study, but they are great for a few minutes in the word to help get your day started, a quiet moment when you need a breather, or even to end the day. 

If you or a woman you know need rest - or love devotionals, this book would make a great gift (Mother's Day, birthday, Christmas, or just because). I enjoyed reading through it and thinking about some of the questions. I especially loved the quotes and the artwork. Beautifully done book for gift-giving or for your own collection.  

I was given a copy. All opinions are my own. 

Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Marine's New Family

(Love Inspired) 

Mass Market Paperback, ebook 

September 15, 2015


A Hero's Hope 
Returning from active duty, Gunnery Sergeant Luke Barrett is shocked to learn he's a father. Having just lost his mom, ten-year-old Caleb is reserved and wary—and Luke is simply overwhelmed. So when Tess Greenwood agrees to become Caleb's nanny, it's an answer to his prayers. 
Injured while working at an international mission in a war-torn country, Tess is in town to recuperate. The last thing she wants is to get too involved. But as she spends time with the handsome marine and his son, Tess comes to realize that caring for them may just be the cure to her own battered heart.

My thoughts: THE MARINE'S NEW FAMILY is an older Love Inspired book that I just now read.  It is a sweet story about a man who discovers he's  a father and his son is ten years old - and a woman is has PTSD from a bombing she barely survived.  

Add a jealous girlfriend, grandparents who are fighting for custody, a boy struggling to adjust after the death of his mom and going to live with a man he didn't know, and there is plenty of tension.

The setting is lovely, the elderly matchmaking aunts are sweet and funny, the boys are a nice touch.  I could see the black moment coming from the beginning, no big surprise there.

I did end up skimming quite a lot as the story was more told than shown, but it was a good read and I enjoyed it. 

I received a copy from a reader friend. All opinions are my own. 

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Fearfully Wonderful by Denise Weimer (and giveaway!!!)

Jenny White isn’t like any other heroine I’ve written. She sprung fully formed from the inspiration of Georgia’s Revolutionary War legend, Nancy Hart—bold, tall, strong, cunning, red-haired. A perfect complement to my stubborn but sweet Scottish militia scout, Caylan McIntosh, in Across Three Autumns of the Backcountry Brides collection. Only Jenny’s too emotionally injured to see that they’re a perfect match … because she believes the voice in her head saying she’s big, gawky, and unattractive, that no man will want her. It doesn’t help that she has the “perfect” younger sister!

When Jenny’s mother asks Caylan to read a Scripture, Jenny grows furious when he chooses Psalm 139. Most of us are familiar with the passage, but let’s take it in from the original King James:
“‘Thou hast covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth. Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them.”

All Jenny can hear is “curiously wrought.” Caylan sees beyond Jenny’s tough façade and recognizes that she’s put up protective walls. More of a battle lies in winning her trust than against the British at Kettle Creek!

Let’s zip-line back to the present. Our culture values strong, empowered women like Jenny, but it also presents us with a lot of false ideas about how we’re to look, think, and talk. Also like Jenny, many of us are just really good at faking it. As Christians, we know that God’s Word tells us that our worth and identity lie in Him. But do we apply that in our lives? Or is there some area we build walls around, considering it exempt from God’s touch?

A failed marriage.
A lack of true friendships.
A traumatic secret.
A career that never took off.
Strained family relationships.

Satan can throw these “failures” in our faces, while God wants to heal the wounds and insecurities that lie at their root. If we reach out for His healing, it flows to us, then into the other areas of our lives. “So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten” (Joel 2:25).

Here’s more amazing news! A footnote from my Bible says that other historical texts translate Psalm 139:14 as “You are fearfully wonderful.”

Jenny was fearfully wonderful. Her skill with the Brown Bess held off attacking Indians. Her strength fed her family. And her cunning and bravery captured Loyalists and British Regulars. Many of the traits Jenny considered unworthy proved the most useful and beautiful.

You, too, are fearfully wonderful. Do you believe it? Is there something in your life that God has helped you turn from a sorrow into a blessing?

Denise is doing a  rafflecopter giveaway that will run the entire month of May. It includes a Kindle paperwhite, a copy of the novel and a whole bunch of colonial-themed goodies. Enter here:

Backcountry Brides: Travel into Colonial America where nine women seek love, but they each know a future husband requires the necessary skills to survive in the backcountry. Living in areas exposed to nature’s ferocity, prone to Indian attack, and cut off from regular supplies, can hearts overcome the dangers to find lasting love?

Across Three Autumns by Denise Weimer: Fighting Loyalists and Indians, Jenny White settles for strength over love . . .until Scottish scout Caylan McIntosh leads her family on a harrowing exodus out of Georgia’s Revolutionary War “Hornet’s Nest.”

Represented by Hartline Literary Agency, Denise Weimer holds a journalism degree with a minor in history from Asbury University. A former magazine writer, she is a substantive editor for Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas as well as the author of The Georgia Gold Series, The Restoration Trilogy, and a number of novellas. A wife and swim mom of two daughters, she always pauses for coffee, chocolate, and old houses!

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The 17:18 Series by Robert Wynalda and Joel Beeke

Non-fiction, devotional, Bible study tool. Available in hardback only.

Why the 17:18 series?

In Deuteronomy 17, Moses is leaving final instructions concerning the future of Israel. As a prophet of God, Moses foretells of when Israel will place a king over the nation (v. 14). In verse 18, the king is commanded to not simply acquire a copy of the law (the entire book of Deuteronomy) from the scroll publishing house, but to hand write his own copy of the law. Thirty-four hundred years later, educators are discovering that students that physically write out their notes by hand have a much greater retention rate than simply hearing or visually reading the information. Apparently, God knew this to be true of the kings of Israel also. From such understanding came the conception of this series of books.

How to Use These Books

Each book is organized so that you can write out your very own copy of Scripture. You will be writing the Bible text only on the right hand page of the book. This should make for easier writing and also allows ample space on the left page to write your own notes and comments. From time to time a question or word will be lightly printed on the left page; these questions are to aid in further study, but should not interfere with your own notes and comments.

My thoughts: The 17:18 Series: Romans (which is the one I was sent to review) is a hardcover notebook.  There are written instructions in the front, similar to the "How to Use These Books" section above. Then it is numbered, right side only, and the left is blank except for what appears to be penciled in questions to one or two of the verses on each page. It would make a delightful gift for a pastor or Bible student as they write out verses and write thoughts, notes, comments, basically making their own commentary. Or it would be excellent for church members if their pastor or Sunday school teacher or small group leader is doing an in-depth study of Romans (or the other books that are available) The 17:18 Series is also recommended for youth ministry or a discipleship tool. This is currently available for about about half of the books of the Bible.   

Click here to purchase your copy!

About the Author

BeekeDr. Joel R. Beeke is president and professor of systematic theology and homiletics at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, a pastor of the Heritage Netherlands Reformed Congregation in Grand Rapids, Michigan, editor of Banner of Sovereign Grace Truth, editorial director of Reformation Heritage Books, president of Inheritance Publishers, and vice-president of the Dutch Reformed Translation Society. He has written, co-authored, or edited seventy books (most recently, A Puritan Theology: Doctrine for Life, Living Zealously, Friends and Lovers: Cultivating Companionship and Intimacy in Marriage, Getting Back Into the Race: The Cure for Backsliding, Parenting by God’s Promises: How to Raise Children in the Covenant of Grace, Living for the Glory of God: An Introduction to Calvinism, Meet the Puritans, Contagious Christian Living, Calvin for Today, Developing a Healthy Prayer Life, and Taking Hold of God), and contributed 2,000 articles to Reformed books, journals, periodicals, and encyclopedias. His Ph.D. is in Reformation and Post-Reformation theology from Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia). He is frequently called upon to lecture at seminaries and to speak at Reformed conferences around the world. He and his wife Mary have been blessed with three children: Calvin, Esther, and Lydia.

The 17:18 Series

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To celebrate the tour, Reformation Heritage Books is giving away a grand prize of the entire set of New Testament Journibles!!

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Fugitive Pursuit

(Love Inspired Suspense)

Mass Market Paperback, ebook

May 8, 2018

by Christa Sinclair

  • Mass Market Paperback: 224 pages
  • Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense 
  • ISBN-13: 978-1335490391

Is the bounty hunter’s target really an innocent woman?

Convinced her sheriff brother-in-law murdered her sister, Jamie Carter hides her six-year-old niece away until she can prove his crimes. Bounty hunter Zack Owen is bound by the law to turn her in, but Jamie’s story sways him to protect her instead. On the run together, Zack must face the personal price of falling for his fugitive.

My thoughts: As far as I know FUGITIVE PURSUIT is Ms. Sinclair's deput novel, but it was a good one. I nave never read one where a bounty hunter is lured over to the side of the criminal he was supposed to arrest. Jamie was pretty sneaky, kidnapping her niece and hiding her away while she tries to prove her brother-in-law the sheriff actually killed her sister and the whole time she's on the run. A very tough heroine, but yet needy at the same time. 

Zack wants to do what his brothers--and partners--insist, but it doesn't feel right to take Jamie to jail once he succeeds in capturing her.  But how can he harbor a fugitive? He'd be breaking the law and could use his license as a bounty hunter.  

The two aren't on the run as much as they are in some Love Inspired Suspense books, but there is still plenty of danger and a lesser woman (such as me) would've never survived the first attack. Four of the five questions are answered. We knew who the bad guys were, we know when the crime was committed, we knew what they did, and we know why, but what we don't know is how and that is enough to keep the pages of the book turning until the end. 

I greatly enjoyed FUGITIVE PURSUIT and am looking forward to more by this author. If you like Love Inspired Suspense, don't miss FUGITIVE PURSUIT.  

I was given a copy free, all opinions are my own.