Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Christmas Star

Title: A CHRISTMAS STAR: a Cape Light Novel
Authors: Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer
Publisher: Berkey Books
October 2008
ISBN: 978-0-425-22358-1
Genre: Inspirational/contemporary

Life during the Holidays aren’t always easy. Jack Sawyer had lost his wife two years ago. He still owns the Christmas tree farm, but after loosing both his wife and son in quick succession, the place has gone down hill. He’s thinking of putting the tree farm up for sale, especially after he breaks his leg. But when a young divorcee with a small child ends up stranded in his lane with car problems, Jack sees her as an answer to prayers. She can clean up the house and sell Christmas trees—and maybe even rekindle some of the Christmas spirit in Jack.

Jessica and Sam Morgan love Christmas. Jessica always goes out the day after Christmas and buys a Christmas tree and decorates it. This year is no different. But that night, everything changes. Their old farm house burns to the ground, and nothing is left. Jessica and Sam with their two children are forced to live with one family member and then another, and nothing is going smoothly. What will it take for their Christmas to be made bright?

A CHRISTMAS STAR: A Cape Light Novel is the second in this series. I didn’t have the privilege of reading the first book in the series yet, but A CHRISTMAS STAR easily stood alone. Longer than a little stocking stuffer Christmas story, this is a book with some meat in it. Perfect for those who want to read a longer story during the holiday season, complete with snow, Christmas trees, family and friends.

The faith message is not really strong, but it is present, and there are some issues with point of view, but all in all, the story is very well told and enjoyable. It provided a lovely afternoon escape for me while I was in recovery from my recent surgery. Don’t miss A CHRISTMAS STAR. It is a Holiday story that is sure to stay with the reader for years to come.

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Lisa said...

A Christmas Star is actually the 9th in the Cape Light series. I have finished 7 of the 9 and am working on the 8th - A christmas visitor. I highly recommend them.