Saturday, August 29, 2009

Against The Current

Author: Greg Coles
Publisher: Tweener Time – Baker Trittin Press
ISBN: 978-0-9814893-4-6
Genre: Tweener

On a cold October morning when Ari Callaghan wakes up to a strange world. Everything and everyone is gone. His alarm clock is broken on the floor. The newspaper is dated for the next week. And when he checks the answering machine, he learns that his family is staying at the cabin by the river. Ari is confused. Why did they leave him home alone?

As the day goes by, Ari learns that he’s invisible. No one can see him. He rides his bike over to his best friend’s house, and a truck runs over him, leaving him bleeding, the bike destroyed. But when he gets to his friend’s house, they can see the bike, but not him.

And even stranger, the days seem to be going backwards. When Ari goes to bed on Wednesday, he wakes up on Tuesday, and when he goes to bed Tuesday, he wakes up on Monday. He is counting backwards to something…but what? Ari tries to find the answers. Then, he finds the book…and the author is…

WOW. AGAINST THE CURRENT is the sixth book in the Tweener Time competition in 2007. Greg Coles was a finalist, he was seventeen when he wrote this story. And I am amazed. I totally loved this book and I’m not sure why he didn’t place in the competition. At least he received honorable mention.

AGAINST THE CURRENT is very well written, has amazing characterization, and sequence of events. Greg Coles has an amazing grasp of writing, staying in point of view, true to the character, and the writing is active, not telling. If this young man decides to pursue a writing career he will go far. This book is amazing. I am truly impressed. Written for tweeners, boys and girls about 8 – 12 years old, this book will be sure to be a winner. Available from $10.95. 117 pages.


Edna said...

Sounds like this book would be a good read,


Amy De Trempe said...

That one sounds very interesting.