Thursday, September 3, 2009

Love Finds You in Treasure Island, Florida

Author: Debby Mayne
Publisher: Summerside Press
June 2009
ISBN: 978-1-934770-80-1
Genre: Inspirational/contemporary romance

Amanda Burns is running a successful bicycle shop in Treasure Island, Florida, where she is a year-round resident, but she almost never has time to enjoy the charming town that she lives in. She is too busy caring for her emotionally needy sister or waiting on customers.

Jerry Simpson is making his annual pilgrimage to his parents’ favorite vacation spot. Treasure Island, Florida. His elderly parents are no longer able to drive and he’s their primary care-giver. He has rented a bicycle-built-for-two for his parents for the month and a beautiful condo on the beach where his dad insists that he will find buried treasure.

When Jerry’s parents decide to fix their unmarried son up with the beautiful bicycle shop owner, things get a little awkward. After all, Amanda is not looking for a relationship, and Jerry is convinced that his time needs to be dedicated exclusively to his ailing parents. Will he find the treasure he deserves on Treasure Island?

LOVE FINDS YOU IN TREASURE ISLAND, FLORIDA is another book in the delightful Love Finds You series. I’ve enjoyed all the books I’ve read thus far in this series, and LOVE FINDS YOU IN TREASURE ISLAND, FLORIDA is no exception.

Amanda is a loveable realistically drawn character, and Jerry is simply charming. I loved getting to know both characters and enjoyed “visiting” the real town of Treasure Island vicariously through the pages of this book. I could almost feel the grit of the sand on the beaches, smell the salt air, and envision the town as they rode their bicycles down the streets. Don’t miss this new book, perfect for a late summer read. Or anytime you want to experience the beach. $12.99. 313 pages.

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