Sunday, February 7, 2010

If God Were Real

Author: John Avant, PhD
Publisher: Howard Books
July 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4165-8779-8
Genre: Inspirational/spiritual growth

Do you live your life like you believe in God? If your coworkers looked at you, would they know that you are a Christian by the way you act and talk? Or are you someone who makes a token appearance at church on Sunday morning, and then lives your life the way the world does?

How often do you think about the Lord? Do you show much love and concern to others? Do you feel gratitude to the Lord for his blessings? Is God’s love reflected in your actions? Or are you giving Christianity a bad name?

In IF GOD WERE REAL, Dr Avant maintains that many Christians, in their practical, day-to-day lives are living as though they are atheists.

When Christians don’t live up to their names, there is not much of Christ left in that form of Christianity, and in IF GOD WERE REAL, Pastor Avant challenges us to consider what life would be like if we lived like we really believe in God. Dr. Avant suggests t hat it cause a pursuit of a new Jesus movement that resembles Christ’s original followers—followers that are so steadfastly devoted to Him that their every action reflects His glory.

IF GOD WERE REAL is written in a conversational tone that will draw the reader in. Written in a common mans language, this is a book for you, even if you are not a bible scholar, but just a common man, struggling to learn what you can about your life in Christ.

I really appreciated Dr. Avant’s thoughts on the subject, and am looking forward to my own discovery of the real God and a life built around praise for Him. $14.99. 224 pages.

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