Friday, October 15, 2010

Adventures in BoogaBooga Land DVD

Title: ADVENTURES IN BOOGABOOGA LAND: Stories from the Parables of Jesus
Written by: Richard Milner
Publisher: Tommy Nelson
September 2009

ADVENTURES IN BOOGABOOGA LAND is the story about a giraffe named Gerard and a monkey named Marty who met when Marty fell out of an airplane. The two became friends and start looking for a job together.

There are three episodes on this DVD, based on three parables.

1. “So This is Booga” is based on “The Workers in the Vineyard” (Matt. 20: 1-16) where Gerard and Mary meet and get hired on as window washers.

2. “Marty’s Sandcastle” is based on “The Wise and Foolish Builders” (Matt. 7: 24-27) and is about them taking a construction class, then each building their own house.

3. “No Light in the Lighthouse” is about “The Lamp Under the Bowl” (Matt. 5:14-16) and is about the two friends building a lighthouse.

Children will be enthralled by this loveable pair as they do some pretty funny things to reach their goal. Marty is kind of immature and Gerard is the voice of reason, but between the two of them they are really funny.

If you are looking for a good DVD that is based on biblical parables, then ADVENTURES IN BOOGABOOGA LAND is the DVD to consider. It is so loosely based that you can show this DVD in the world and no one will be offended by the Bible teachings, yet the stories are similar enough that children will come away with the same truths.

My five-year-old says that the DVD is wonderful. My eight-year-old says that some of it is unrealistic. (But then, what cartoon is?) This DVD is good for the preschool set.

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