Wednesday, December 22, 2010

An Amish Christmas: Expanded Edition

Title: AN AMISH CHRISTMAS: Expanded Edition
Authors: Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, and Barbara Cameron and Kelly Long
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
August 2010
ISBN: 978-1-59554-878-8
Genre: Inspirational/Amish/Christmas

It’s Christmas time in Paradise, Pennsylvania, and four Amish couples experience hope, redemption, and new life.

A Miracle for Miriam – by Kathleen Fuller. Miriam has been in love with Seth since they were in school together, but when she was fourteen, Seth stomped all over her heart. When he grew up he left the Amish faith. But now Seth is back, and he seems to be interested in pursuing a relationship with Miriam. But Miriam is having nothing of it. After all, she’s still the same four-eyed, ugly beanpole he made fun of when they were kids. Can Seth convince Miriam that in his eyes she is beautiful?

A Choice to Forgive – by Beth Wiseman. Lydia has built a life for herself when her fiancĂ© Daniel vanished one Christmas eve. She married Daniel’s brother Elam, and they had three children. But now Elam is dead, and Daniel is back, and he’s asking Lydia for forgiveness and a second chance. Lydia doesn’t believe she’s capable of providing either. How can she go back to normal life with her long lost love as her neighbor?

One Child – by Barbara Cameron. Sarah has wanted a baby for as long as she’s been married, but her pregnancy ended in miscarriage. Now a very pregnant woman and her husband are stranded at Sarah’s house during a blizzard, and the Englisch woman is in labor. Will Sarah be able to accept the responsibility of carrying for someone so very different who has the one thing Sarah wants?

Christmas Cradles – by Kelly Long. Anna Stolis has gone to relieve her aunt of her midwifery duties for the night so she can get away. But there are three women expecting. Anna’s aunt arranges for Asa Mast to stay in the barn just in case there is need of Anna acting as midwife. Sure enough, the first call comes and Anna and Asa take off in a blizzard to deliver a first child. With God’s design three babies are born that night and Asa finds a new hope for his life. But is it enough to make her give up her own practice and stay to help her aunt?

AN AMISH CHRISTMAS: Expanded Edition is a collection of four Amish stories, written by four very different women. I absolutely loved this collection, though my very favorite story is A Miracle for Miriam, and my second favorite was A Choice to Forgive. Really, it was tough to choose between the two. I enjoyed the third story too, but it didn’t read as smooth as the first two, and at times seemed a bit of an information dump. The fourth story I read later when this expanded edition came out, and it was a totally sweet story of new life and love.

If you like Amish stories and or Christmas stories, you will not want to miss AN AMISH CHRISTMAS. Hardcover, with an absolutely beautiful cover, this book is also wonderful for gift giving. Plus discussion questions and a couple Amish recipes are included at the end of the book. $16.99. 522 pages.

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