Sunday, February 20, 2011

Talking with God in Old Age

Author: Missy Buchanan
Publisher: Upper Room Books
February 2011
ISBN: 978-0-8358-1016-6
Genre: Inspirational/aging

TALKING WITH GOD IN OLD AGE starts out with a meditation where they discuss the normalness of cornflakes, about being frugal, about pain, grumpy moments, dignity (or other problems) and how the older person feels about them after living a full life. It is followed by a Psalm that relates to the passage somewhat. The print is large, making it easier for the older person to see.

Seniors that are struggling with aging and the situations that come along with it (such as diagnosis of disease, eye-sight, money issues, etc will find comfort in discovering that they are not alone and the Bible does address these issues in the most loved book of the Bible, the Psalms.

If you are an older adult, minister to them, or work with them, then you will find TALKING WITH GOD IN OLD AGE to be a beneficial guide. It captures the essence of the journey of frailty, yet with a glimpse of hope. I think this book would be beneficial to health care providers (to enable them to sympathize), to libraries in both churches and nursing homes, and to anyone who ministers specifically to the elderly (the senior saints in churches, nursing home ministries, etc.) An easy read, this book is sure to be some comfort to the hurting. This is not a devotional, and not meant to be one. $12.00. 96 pages.

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