Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hell is Real (But I Hate to Admit it)

Author: Brian Jones
Publisher: David C. Cook
August 2011
ISBN: 978-0-7814-0572-0
Genre: Inspirational/eternal destiny/evangelism

Eternal damnation… really?

There have been some books published lately, by well known pastors of mega churches who are convinced that Hell is not real, it’s a figment of our imagination, because, really, why would a loving God cast anyone into a lake of fire? Brian Jones used to be a member of that camp, but after an amazing experience when he rescued several people from an apartment fire, Jones began to rethink his position. And after extensive study, he came to the conclusion that Hell is real.

Hell is not really a subject matter I was interested in, but when I discussed this book with my husband, he mentioned a well known pastor in the Grand Rapids area (Bob Bell) who has recently released a book declaring that Hell isn’t real—and there is a video trailer out online about it. So then I got curious about what Jones had to say about the subject.

Now, I always believed that Hell existed. I was raised in a Christian home. I was taught Bible from the beginning—and that was part of Bible teaching in a full-doctrine church. So, I knew most all the references to Hell. I felt that Jones wrote a very well thought out book about why Hell does exist, and he provided solid biblical proof for its existence.

If you (or someone you know) is struggling with belief in this very real place, then HELL IS REAL (BUT I HATE TO ADMIT IT) is a book that you might want to consider getting. It could also be used as a great witnessing tool. Additional notes and resources are included. $14.99. 370 pages.

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