Thursday, April 26, 2012

Before The Scarlet Dawn

Author: Rita Gerlach
Publisher: Abingdon Press
February 2012
ISBN: 978-1-4267-1414-6
Genre: Inspirational/historical

Its 1773, and Hayward Morgan is a young gentleman destined to inherit his father’s estate in Derbyshire, England. The local vicar’s daughter, Eliza Bloome has a “crush” on Hayward, but even though she is beautiful and spirited and even though her father has a sizeable dowry for her, Hayward is not interested.

Circumstances put Eliza in Hayward’s part and they flee to America to escape family conflicts. But as the war between Great Britain and the colonies looms, its only a temporary reprieve. Hayward joins the revolutionary forces and what struggles is a test of survival and a test of faith. Will they find lasting love in the unforgiving wilderness?

BEFORE THE SCARLET DAWN is the most recent book by Rita Gerlach. I read Surrender the Wind and loved it so I looked forward to getting BEFORE THE SCARLET DAWN to review.
So… I’m not really sure how to write this review. This is a very hard book to write one on. It’s obviously not finished, as there is no closure, and no happy ever after. So, I guess the story will continue with the next book in the series.

Eliza is a confusing character. She won't marry a suitor in Derbyshire, even though she would live in comfort for the rest of her life. He openly lusts after her, but Eliza is adamant that she won't marry unless love is involved. However, she willingly marries Hayward, even though he openly declares he doesn’t love her and never will. Sometimes, Eliza acts really na├»ve, yet, the next moment she appears cold and calculating. Hayward isn't much better.

BEFORE THE SCARLET DAWN is not a book you’ll want to read as a stand-alone if you want a happy ever after story. This is one I’d recommend waiting for the series to be complete so you can read all three books straight through. $14.99. 326 pages.

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