Thursday, May 3, 2012

Making Sense When Life Doesn't

Author: Cecil Murphey
Publisher: Summerside Press
April 2012
ISBN: 978-1-60936-224-9
Genre: Inspirational/self help/motivational

Life is messy. Cluttered. Disorganized.

Companies downsize. Relationships end. Trauma hits. When chaos hits, everyone has choices. We can crawl into bed and pull the covers up over our heads and ignore the problem. We can call it the worst time of our lives, and dream and talk about the good old days, wishing for the way things used to be, and resend the changes forced on us. Or we can realize that the sun still shines. Life goes on. And realize this can be a positive time in my life. I didn’t choose the crisis, but I can choose to learn through it.

MAKING SENSE WHEN LIFE DOESN’T is a book that came in my life at just the right time. We had been hit by severe trauma that took away everything. Income. Dreams. A large chunk of money. Rest. Hope for the future. It took it all, leaving us scared, disorganized…I could go on. I picked up this book and started reading it. And realized a new that what I could do is keep believing in God who allowed this into my life for a purpose. Learn from it. Take the next right step forward. And realize—there are many things I can’t do…But more important is what I can do.

MAKING SENSE WHEN LIFE DOESN’T is a book that will be staying on my keeper shelf after I share it with my husband. It is filled with encouraging stories and quotes. Stories that remind you that bad stuff happens all the time. What is important is how you handle it. Highly recommended. $12.99. 192 pages.

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