Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Confessions of a Control Freak

Author: Priscilla Knox Morrison
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
August 2012
ISBN: 978-0736946209
Genre: Inspirational/self-help/women’s isssues

Have you ever found yourself tidying up your neighbor’s house when you were simply asked to water the plants?

Or maybe you organize the clothes in your closet by color?

Or perhaps you have to give everyone advice—on everything?

Priscilla Knox Morrison was a control freak, and maintains she is still a work in progress. She tried to control everything—including the weather, and she did fairly well until her daughter was diagnosed with cancer, two friends suffered tragedies, and Ms. Morrison had a heart attack. Then she realized that really, nothing was under control.

CONFESSIONS OF A CONTROL FREAK is a book for women to diagnose by self-tests whether they are a control freak, and learn from Biblical principles how to give God control and let him keep it.

She will also show readers:

 how to accept help from others
 back off instead of butting in
 worship God, not people’s opinion
 replace fear with a trust in God

I think, if we were to be honest, all of us women are control to one degree or another. We may not try to control the weather, but we do try to control our children, our husbands, our finances, our lives. I don’t color coordinate the contents of my closet (but my son does his), but I have been known to tidy up the neighbor’s house when watering the plants or feeding the cats.

CONFESSION OF A CONTROL FREAK is a great book for women to read. Questions are included to use as a discussion guide or to work through on their own. This is a good book for women to learn that only by the Holy Spirit can we move from wanting to be in charge to serving those around us. 144 pages. $9.99.

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