Saturday, October 5, 2013

Prayers and Promises for Worried Parents

Author: Robert J. Morgan
Publisher: Howard Books
September 2013
ISBN: 978-1-4767-4067-6
Genre: Family and relationships/prayer/encouragement


Worrying about our loved ones is the worst kind of worry in the world, espe­cially when it’s our children for whom we’re concerned. From the moment they’re born, our youngsters have an unrivaled place in our hearts, and we feel an unending burden for their welfare. We do our best to provide for them and to protect them. But sometimes, like the prodigal’s father in Luke 15, all we can do is entrust them to the Lord, love them, and give them time to find their way. Nothing is more difficult.

PRAYERS AND PROMISES FOR WORRIED PARENTS offers hope for your prodigal and help for you. In more than a hundred brief readings, Robert J. Morgan offers doses of hope—encouragements from Scripture, effective prayers, true-life stories, promises from God’s Word, timely quotes, and helpful hints for coping with yourself and your child in difficult times.

God specializes in being gracious, and prodigals have a way of coming home. Don’t despair over your wayward ones. The Lord hasn’t given up on them. Nor on you!

PRAYERS AND PROMISES FOR WORRIED PARENTS is a timely book for me. I have a son I’m desperately trying to reach—and failing. I picked up this book to review because I had an empty day and it was thin. Translation—quickly read. But wow. This was a book I needed to read! As I read I found myself soaking up the scripture promises that Pastor Robert Morgan shares in the chapters, and I prayed the written prayers in there for my son. They are exactly what I needed.

PRAYERS AND PROMISES FOR WORRIED PARENTS will be going on my keeper shelf, to read and reread as I need. To use the prayers written there daily, as he is a good prayer-writer. Better than I can think when I’m stressed, worried, or upset. If you have a prodigal—male or female—then PRAYERS AND PROMISES FOR WORRIED PARENTS is the book you need. Highly recommended. Also a must have for any youth leader’s or pastor’s library. $14.99. 240 pages.

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