Thursday, November 14, 2013

By the Waters of Kadesh

Author: Carole Towriss
Publisher: DeWard Publishing Company
November 2014
ISBN: 978-1-936341-65-8
Genre: Biblical fiction

A displaced soldier anticipates only empty tomorrows. A young widow knows nothing but yesterdays filled with abuse and neglect. A spy sees only a today he can manipulate to gain the power he craves. Will they allow Yahweh to give them what they need?

Kamose, once Egypt’s most trusted soldier, no longer has a country to serve or king to protect. Moses insists God has a plan for him, but Kamose is  n ot so sure. Tirzah’s cruel husband died  shortly after they left Egypt. She escaped his brutality, but now she’s alone, and once they reach their new land, how will she survive? Gaddiel, Tirzah’s brother-in-law is chosen as one of the twelve spies sent to scout out Canaan. He’s supposed to get information and come back, but all he really wants is to bring down Joshua.

BY THE WATERS OF KADESH is Ms. Towriss’ second novel, her first being In the Shadow of Sinai. This is the sequel to In the Shadow of Sinai, but it easily stands alone.

Fans of biblical fiction will inhale Ms. Towriss’ account of the Israelites’ time in the wilderness, as they near the Promise Land, and how they reacted as they got nearer and nearer, closer and closer to the land flowing with milk and honey. What would make the Israelites afraid to not trust God after He led them through the wilderness? Why would they take the word of mere men over the word of God? This book addresses these issues – and more.  A wonderful tale of uncertainty and finding yourself when you’ve given up everything for a dream.

Ms. Towriss writes with rich, descriptive narrative, that will put the reader into the wilderness with the Israelites, and enable them to taste the manna, to experience the putting up and taking down of tents, and walking miles every day, to the emotions, fears, and blessings the Israelites experience. If you like biblical fiction, you won’t want to miss BY THE WATERS OF KADESH. $14.99. 274 pages. 

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