Saturday, June 14, 2014

Rainy Day Dreams

Authors: Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
April 2014
ISBN: 978-0736953498
Genre: Historical

Beloved Christian fiction authors Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith team up once more in the second volume of the Seattle Brides series.

When the Burgert family moves to Seattle in 1852, Kathryn is convinced her father has destroyed her life. The backwoods settlement offers none of the comforts and culture she loves in San Francisco. She cares nothing for the new sawmill the townsfolk are so excited about. That is, until she meets Jason, a lumberjack with dreams for a bright future. As she comes to know Jason, Kathryn can't help catching his vision.

But the future they hope for is anything but secure. There are some who see Seattle as a threat and will stop at nothing to make sure the sawmill fails. With the harsh and rugged weather, at times it seems even the land itself is determined to thwart Seattle's very existence. Kathryn and Jason's plans for a happy future become entwined with Seattle's struggle to survive in the midst of adversity, both manmade and natural.

A gripping story of love, tenderness, and survival in the rugged Pacific Northwest.

RAINY DAY DREAMS is book two in the Seattle Brides series, but it easily stands alone. Four years has passed since the first book in the series A Bride for Noah, and Seattle has built up some and is under some attacks from Indians. 

Kathryn is arrogant, rude, and overbearing as the story begins, and the hero, Jason is the usual sweetheart of a hero for romance novels. He has some secrets, and works hard whereas Kathryn believes  herself above her circumstances and is determined to be difficult. I couldn't connect with her at all, and I wondered what on earth Jason saw in her. 

In Copeland's and Smith's trademark style, the setting of pioneer days Seattle came to life. I could feel the soggy, rainy weather, and see the mud. Even the rooms were beautifully described down to the supply closet Kathryn was given as a room. Fans of historicals, early settlements, and the Copeland/Smith writing dynamo will love RAINY DAY DREAMS. 
$13.99. 280 pages.

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