Sunday, March 22, 2009

You're Next

In YOU'RE NEXT Greg Stier explains the core truths of Christianity in a relevant and fun way. Every chapter reveals one true story from his life. Mr. Stier came from a very violent background, so some of the stories are pretty intense. Stier knows that God used the insane things that happened to him to turn him into a "Jesus freak".

Throughout his youth, author, Greg Stier grappled with questions about God, angels, heaven and everything in between. God gave him answers through the Bible and through some very unusual circumstances he experienced while growing up.

Truth made Greg a man crazy for God, and then God began to control his goals in life.

YOU'RE NEXT is a very addictive book that works great as a devotional. I would encourage anyone to read it. I loved this book.

reviewed by Michael

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