Monday, November 16, 2009

Piece de Resistance

Author: Sandra Byrd
Publisher: Waterbrook Press
September 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4000-7329-0
Genre: Inspirational/chick lit

Lexi Stuart has finally earned her chef’s hat and now she is back in the USA working for what should be her dream job at the high-end bakery called Bijouse. Unfortunately, she finds herself working with Margot who seems to intensely dislike Lexi, and seems to think she rules the bakery. Not only that but Lexi finds herself having to make this lavish bakery a successful business in just a few months. This requires more than Lexi’s ability to make an amazing wedding cake.

To make matters more complicated, Lexi’s French beau, Phillip, and his daughter Celine, have migrated to the USA, and Lexi’s lawyer friend, Dan, wants to renew the relationship they had before she went to France. Suddenly Lexi finds that life contains more “ooh la la” than she can handle.

Now the fate of Lexi’s business and her love life are hanging by a thread. Can Lexi find the recipe for success and learn to trust God through the process?

PIECE DE RESISTANCE is the third and final book in the French Twist series. While PIECE DE RESISTANCE easily stands alone, I recommend reading the books in order, starting with Let Them Eat Cake and then Bon App├ętit so you can follow Lexi along in her romance and her career.

Written in first person, I easily got to know Lexi and grew to care for her. I loved following along with her as she tried to make sense of her life. Some yummy sounding recipes are included in the book as well as some other fun surprises. The book ends with a unique twist, which makes it fun. Don’t miss PIECE DE RESISTANCE or any of Ms. Byrd’s other books. $13.99. 304 pages.

Thanks to A Romance Review for providing a copy of the book for review.

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