Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thyme for Love

Author: Pamela S. Meyers
Publisher: OakTara
November 2011
ISBN: 978-1-60290-302-9
Genre: Inspirational/romance/suspense

April Love is a CPA who wants to be a chef. So when her aunt tells her about a job opening in Wisconsin, April is quick to drive from Atlanta to Canoga Lake, Wisconsin, to apply for the job. But then she learns that her ex-boyfriend, Marc Thorne is employed there. April isn’t totally sure she wants the job anymore, but she does agree to prepare a meal for her prospective employers to sample.

But then her potential new boss is murdered. Marc quickly steps in and hires April, saying that they’ll need food for the funeral and more. The death is ruled accidental, but rumors start circulating that it was in fact murder.

When rumors are proven true, everyone lays the blame on Marc. April can’t believe he’d do such a thing even though he’s changed a lot since she knew him. Did Marc do it? Or is someone framing him? The killer will go to any length to keep the truth from coming out.

THYME FOR LOVE is a book that I wanted a chance to read in its finished form. It was a chapter or two I read when Pam and I were critique partners (for a very brief time) in the way beginning stages of this story and I wondered how it turned out. Well—this book is totally different than the drafts I saw. It went a different direction than I thought.

Marc and April are warned away from having a dating relationship by the board members, but Marc is desperate to renew his “friendship” with April—almost to the point of impropriety. April is an extremely forward female lead, unable to take no for an answer. Lots of yummy food mentioned (don’t read when your hungry) and a murder to solve. I figured out who-dun-it relatively early on, and it was kind of predictable. There are some funny moments. It is good read. A recipe for Chicken George is included. $16.95. 216 pages. 3.5 stars

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