Sunday, June 10, 2012

Waiting for Sunrise

I want to let you know that Eva Marie Everson is sponsoring a contest for a Kindle Fire in conjunction with her blog tour week for Waiting for Sunrise! The details can be found here:!kindle-contest

Author: Eva Marie Everson
Publisher: Revell
June 2012
ISBN: 978-0-8007-3437-4
Genre: Inspirational/ contemporary /women’s fiction

Patsy Sweeney a hard life. Her stepfather is abusive, her mother brings in laundry to help out, and Patsy has the care of the house and her two younger brothers, Billy and Harold. Until one day when Patsy tries to stop her stepfather from beating her mother and he notices her another way…

Desperate to save her daughter, Patsy’s mother puts Patsy on a bus to go live with a family that adopted her brother when he was just a baby. Patsy has a loving family, a great set of new friends, and even better—a future spouse waiting for her at the end of the ride.

But, now, years later, Patsy isn’t happy. She’s never recovered from the loss of her mother. Why did her mother give her up? Why did she keep Patsy’s younger brothers and not her? What will it take for Patsy to finally learn the truth about her past?

WAITING FOR SUNRISE is the newest book by Ms. Everson. It is a page turner. I started reading this book and hours later closed it, every word read. I cried through parts of it. This is a book that will reach the heartstrings and hold on, making the reader care.

I couldn’t understand exactly why Patsy couldn’t move on, having never been in that situation. I also couldn’t understand why she didn’t understand the truth behind it a lot earlier. She’d seen her stepfather’s looks, barely escaped his clutches a few times, and that never crossed her mind that her mother was protecting her? But the author handled it well. Billy’s story is also included in this book, and the ending is heartbreakingly sad—but satisfying. Don’t miss WAITING FOR SUNRISE. This is a book to read and remember. $14.99. 390 pages.

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