Saturday, September 6, 2014


Author: Susan May Warren
Publisher: Tyndale
September 2014
ISBN: 978-1414394015
Genre: Christmas novella

An empty nest has Ingrid Christiansen dreading the upcoming holidays, but her husband, John, couldn’t be more excited about this new season of life. He even has a surprise trip abroad planned. He’s sure she’ll love it. What’s more romantic than Christmas in Paris?

Before he can stop her, however, Ingrid agrees to spearhead a major church project. Then their faithful dog, Butterscotch, needs emergency surgery, draining their savings. And then—because disasters strike in threes—an unexpected guest arrives, dredging up old hurts.

As a beautiful blanket of snow transforms the north woods into a winter wonderland, a deep chill settles over John and Ingrid’s marriage. With the holidays fast approaching, their only hope of keeping their love evergreen depends on turning the page on the past and embracing a new chapter of their future.

EVERGREEN is a Christmas novella set in the Christiansen series, as Ingrid and John face the first holiday as empty nesters—or do they? I wasn’t sure, at first what I’d think of this book, as Ingrid and John are married… but Ms. Warren quickly shows us that even old married couples (thirty years) need their romance rekindled from time to time.

I enjoyed reading EVERGREEN and Romeo. I loved Romeo actually, and hope that Ms. Warren will consider a follow up book after the Christiansen series is complete about Romeo. This was a real cute book with laugh out loud moments, and several tear-jerkers. Don’t miss EVERGREEN as the perfect start to your holiday reading. $9.99 Kindle. $12.99 hardcover. 208 pages. 

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Judy said...

Great review Laura! Another book to go on my wish list!

Judy B