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An Amish Summer: Four Novellas

An Amish Summer: Four Novellas 

Paperback, ebook, hardcover

June 6, 2017

by Shelley Shepard GrayAmy ClipstonKathleen FullerKelly Irvin

  • Paperback: 400 pages
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson 
  • ISBN-13: 978-0718078843

A new novella collection of sweet, summer romances from some of our favorite Amish authors!
A Reunion in Pinecraft by Shelley Shepard Gray
When sisters Sharon and Sherilyn Kramer attend a wedding in Shipshewana, one of them returns with a new penpal while the other returns to her job at the bakery. After sending weekly letters back and forth, Sherry and Graham Holland arrange a reunion in Pinecraft. Upon Graham’s arrival, however, he realizes he’s been writing to the wrong sister. He decides to use the reunion as a way to get to know both sisters, but can he sort through the confusion in time to turn the worst vacation ever into something truly wonderful?

My thoughts:  A Reunion in Pinecraft is a sweet romance written in Ms. Gray's distinctive style. Two sisters, attracted to the same man. One man, confused about which sister he really wants. The one he wrote to or the one he dreamed about. A double romance plays out in this story, and I adored it. I think the Pinecraft novels and novellas are my favorites by this author. I like her sweet, innocent style. Loved it.   
Summer Storms by Amy Clipston
Arianna is counting down the days until her wedding to Jesse. They have been friends longer than Arianna can remember, and that friendship turned into love over the past couple of years. But when Arianna’s brother Tobias, who happens to be Jesse’s best friend, gets them both into trouble, Arianna’s father puts an end to her engagement to Jesse. Some summer storms pass quickly, but Arianna is afraid the damage from this one may be too much to repair.

My thoughts: Summer Storms is a romance by Ms. Clipston that deals with a realistic problem that some Amish have. I couldn't connect with Arianna as well as I wanted to, but Jesse is a sweetheart. I hated that he was judged unfairly by both Arianna and her father for trying to help Tobias with his troubles, struggles, and bad decisions, but it's real. I loved how he went the extra mile to prove himself worthy to both Arianna and her father. There are some lingering questions at the end of the story, but overall, good. I haven't read all of Ms. Clipston's books so I'm not sure if this one was part of one of her series.  
Lakeside Love by Kathleen Fuller
Esther has always lived in the shadow of her beautiful younger sister Sarah. Even the boy she has known—and loved—her entire life, Judah, only has eyes for Sarah. But when a handsome young Englischer comes to live with the family for a summer, everything begins to change.

My thoughts: Lakeside Love by Ms. Fuller is unique as in its about a plain Amish girl who's home has turned into a tourist attraction by her dad who wants to earn money. She's a sweet, friendly girl who has a low opinion of herself because she's not pretty. When her sister starts flirting with an Englisch man in addition to every other man in town and lashes out at Esther for being friendly, it causes a strain between the sisters. Judah is young and confused, and I'm glad Rhett spoke words of truth to him and helped him find his true feelings. I absolutely loved this story. Like with Ms. Clipston, I haven't read all of Ms. Fuller's books, so I don't know if this was intended as part of one of her series. Either way, it was a totally adorable story. 
One Sweet Kiss by Kelly Irvin
Everybody in little Bee County, Texas, can see the obvious: Jacob King and Martha Byler are meant to be together. Everyone, that is, but Martha. Ever since her mother died when Martha was a young girl, she has taken over the role of caregiver to her large family. And reckless Jacob, who has had a little too much fun on his rumspringa, only seems to add to the list of people to manage. But one summer changes everything, and these two may just find a way to meet in the middle and share one sweet kiss.

My thoughts:  One Sweet Kiss is about an on-again off-again couple who both parent the community. Martha had to be a mama to her family since she was ten and she doesn't want to raise Jacob. But what she doesn't see is that Jacob is a "pa" to a special boy and an oversize 'kid' who's married with kids of his own. Add an alligator to the mix and you have a recipe for action, adventure, and danger. This story is definitely part of Ms. Irvin's Bee County series, which I've read all of so far. 

Altogether this is a great collection and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Highly recommended for fans of Amish romance, it earns a solid 4 stars. 

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Marilyn R. said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have this in my TBR pile. Novellas are nice to read from time to time instead of a novel; although, I enjoy reading both. : )

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