Sunday, November 18, 2018

North By Starlight

North by Starlight 
  • Paperback: 291 pages
  • Publisher: Micah House Media 
  • (November 13, 2018)
  • Language: English

After ten best selling thrillers, Diane and David Munson launch North by Starlight, their first romantic suspense with Attorney Madison Stone racing to Starlight, Vermont from her D.C. law firm to save the inheritance of Jordan Star, sole heir of his late grandfather’s Star Mountain ski resort. Maddie arrives in the winter wonderland ready to defeat the claim of Jordan’s mystery relative. Instead, she finds surprising struggles and diversions in the idyllic town during the Christmas season when her ex-boyfriend, attorney Stewart Dunham shows up to represent the interloper. Maddie sharpens her legal skills in outwitting him and a greedy mining enterprise bent on changing Starlight forever. She and Jordan form an alliance, and the ensuing legal battle leaves her emotionally vulnerable until Trevor Kirk, a geologist, focuses her mind back to what is important, saving the town and finding her heart.

My thoughts:  NORTH BY STARLIGHT is a page turner. Attorney Madison Stone returns to the winter playground of her childhood to help a client contest a claim someone else has filed against a popular ski lodge. With plenty of legal action, this will keep the reader guessing.  There are two low key romances included. One is so low key the reader might not even be aware of it until it is revealed. 

I enjoyed reading about the setting, the fun Vermont facts about mountain roads, 4x4 pickups, skiing, and starlight. The star theme is also a great addition. Having been in a Vermont ski lodge I can even see some of the setting. 

There are no dead bodies (if you are screamish) and the main suspense is the hunt for a missing heir and the point of all these outsiders descending on the mountain.

If you enjoy legal thrillers, romantic suspense, or the Munson's other best sellers you will likely love NORTH BY STARLIGHT. 

I was given a  copy free. All opinions are my own. 

Amazon will accept orders and begin shipping print versions on the November release date.

FYI, the featured character in "North by Starlight" is attorney Madison Stone. She appeared earlier in our fourth novel "Hero's Ransom". Audio versions of both those books are also scheduled for release on 11/13/18.

ExFeds DIANE AND DAVID MUNSON, former Federal Prosecutor and NCIS and DEASpecial Agent, are the bestselling authors of The Looming Storm, The Camelot Conspiracy, and eight other Christian thrillers. Inspired by their exciting cases, these family friendly adventures stand alone.The Munsons live in an undisclosed location.

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Marilyn R. said...

North by Starlight sounds so intriguing that I want to read it.

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