Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Journey of a Strong-Willed Child

Authors: Kendra Smiley with Dr. Aaron Smiley and John Smiley
Publisher: Moody Publishers
ISBN: 978-0-8024-4353-3
Genre: Inspirational/parenting

One of us may not live through your childhood. (from the back cover)

If you have ever said that to your child, you might be raising a strong-willed child (not to be confused with stubborn.) And the authors know all about strong-willed children. Kendra Smiley is married to John—a former strong-willed child turned responsible adult—and parent to Aaron, who is now a successful veterinarian.

The authors define the meaning of stubborn and strong-willed, and explain the differences, so a parent will know if they are parenting a strong-willed child, or one who is simply stubborn.

Topics included in the book are:

• The Journey Begins: Birth to Pre-Kindergarten
• The Journey Continues: Kindergarten to Grade Six
• The Junior High Journey
• The Journey Goes On: High School
• It Goes On and On: College and Beyond

Plus much more.

The book is very informative and includes true life stories from Aaron, John, and other parents of strong-willed children. Written with honesty and humor, the story will be sure to provide insight into your children’s behavior as well as encouragement for parents struggling through this with their children.

JOURNEY OF A STRONG-WILLED CHILD is an excellent resource for parents, teachers, grandparents, care-givers, and anyone else who might come in contact with a strong-willed child. It will help you know how to handle them and yourself, and to survive the encounter. Free study guides are available from $13.99. 135 pages.

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