Friday, February 27, 2009

The Stress Eater Diet

Authors: Robert B. Posner, M.D. and Linda Hlivka
Publisher: Linx, Corp.
ISBN: 978-0-9802118-4-9
Genre: Health

Sometimes it seems as though life is crazy and focusing on yourself is a thing of the past. You have no time to exercise, and sometimes it’s just easier to pour a bowl of cereal or pull through the drive-through for dinner instead of preparing a meal full of nutritional value.

THE STRESS EATER DIET starts out with a quiz to see if you are a stress eater. This quiz is also available at It will help you to see if you are a stress eater. Once you have identified yourself as a stress eater, you can pick up a copy of this book, and start learning how to substitute healthy things instead of chocolate, ice cream, or French fries when you are stressed.

Included in the book are little blurbs called Stress-Less tips as well as several articles, including ones called Why Less Carbs, Weekends and Weight, and Squeeze Your Stress Away.

Contents also include:

Ø Ways to reduce hunger
Ø Re-learning how to eat
Ø Physical exercises
Ø Towards a stress-free life

Plus much more.

A menu plan and stress reducing foods are included in the book, as well as additional resources.

A very useful blog ( offers up-to-date studies, tips, and information.

I found a lot of valuable information inside the pages of THE STRESS EATER DIET, even though according to this book I am a moderate stress eater. This book would be invaluable to anyone, a stress eater, or a binge eater, or someone who wants to lose weight, to help them towards reaching their goals. $14.00. 215 pages.

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