Friday, August 13, 2010

Emmy's Equal

Author: Marcia Gruver
Publisher: Barbour Books
October 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60260-207-6
Genre: inspirational/historical

Emily Dane is a rather immature 21 years old, used to getting her way. She is devastated when her family decides to take a trip to southern Texas, and begs to go to St. Louis to visit Charity, but her parents disagree and insist that she accompanies them on their trip. Emmy vows to hate every minute of it and is determined to make the trip miserable.

Ranch foreman Diego Marcelo believes he’s in love with the Ranch owner’s daughter, but his Choctaw mother insists that she is not the one. His mother insists that the one who will ease his loneliness will come from the north. Diego scoffs, insisting he is not so lonely, but is happy as things are.

When Emmy arrives, Diego finds himself jealous over the attention that his boss’ son pays Emmy. Both Diego and Emmy possess strong wills and find themselves clashing at every turn. Will they be able to surrender their wills and work together to prevent certain disasters?

EMMY’S EQUAL is the third book in the Texas Fortunes series by Mr. Gruver, but it easily stands alone. I enjoyed getting to know Emmy and Diego and the different challenges that each of them faced.

I did find Emmy quite a bit immature acting, doing some incredibly stupid things, mostly at the beginning of the book. I was shocked to read that she was 21 years old, the way she was acting, I thought much younger. The sparks between Diego and Emmy were entertaining, and I did hope that the two would mature and find love and happiness. $10.97. 320 pages.

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