Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Sensations Download N Go

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Author: Amanda Bennet and The Old Schoolhouse
108 pages
Homeschooling/Internet Studies
© 2010 The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC and Amanda Bennett

This is a wonderful opportunity to explore new horizons and expand your knowledge of the world around you, and the technology that is increasingly available. SUMMER SENSATIONS, by Amanda Bennet and The Old Schoolhouse truly lives up to its title: there is a virtual potpourri of experiences that await you in this interactive module. Who would have thought of taking a video camera down an indoor water slide?

This learning module takes full advantage of the internet in an exciting and informative manner, while bypassing the not-so-appropriate offerings that are available. The links are quick, accurate, and timely, engaging the children while keeping the parents fully informed. Making use of time-lapse photography, one can enjoy seeing an entire year go by in 40 seconds, or a year in the life of a tree. Not sure of the meaning of a word? Click on the appropriate link and get a full dictionary account from one of many sites.

In this module, one will answer questions such as: “What are seasons?” “What is summer, and when is it?” “Why are the days longer in summertime?” And of course, my personal favorite, “Who invented the snow cone machine?” This is just a sampling of the many topics available for exploration in this module. And there is an abundance of suggestions for further reading, as well as instructions for lapbooking as you study.

From the introduction, I gleaned the following information: “The name, Download N Go™, comes from the concept that these studies are ready to use as soon as you have downloaded them.” And that is exactly what you get, from a uniquely Biblical perspective.

From what I’ve seen of these modules, I’m very impressed. The activities are open-ended; one can do as many or as few of the exercises as one wishes, without losing any of the wonder and enjoyment of God’s creation, so that your children can learn and your personal plans are respected. The activities are graded, and suggestions are made to include the older students as well.

You can order the modules individually, in 4-week bundles, or in semester-long blocks off material. Prices vary, so one would need to visit the website at to make the appropriate decisions.

( and the link to the purchasing options page – there are several packages that come with free items ( DNG is also having some sales the month of August too:

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Finally, an educational approach that harnesses the power and wealth of the internet for the education of youth, and the glory of God.

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