Sunday, September 5, 2010

Always the Baker Never the Bride

Author: Sandra D. Bricker
Publisher: Abingdon Press
September 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4267-0762-9
Genre: Inspirational/romantic comedy

They say you can’t have your cake and eat it too. But who would want a cake they couldn’t eat? (from the back cover)

Emma Rae Travis is a diabetic, the type that must have insulin shot every day. But she is also a talented baker, making delectable treats that have earned her top recognition. She works at Backstreet Bakery and has put that establishment on the map.

Jackson Drake is trying to fulfill his late wife’s dream of owning a wedding destination hotel. When he hears about Emma Rae, his hiring team is quick to offer her a position and a raise if she’ll leave Backstreet Bakery. Emma agrees, because running her own kitchen has always been her dream.

When Emma and Jackson meet sparks fly. He thinks she is addicted to hazelnut and she thinks he is a bit rude and crabby. But his is a job offer she can’t refuse…and she is a handful that is making him rethink life. But can the two of them co-exist in the same hotel?

ALWAYS THE BAKER NEVER THE BRIDE is another adorable romantic comedy from Sandra Bricker. I have read almost all of Sandra’s books and I love her voice. I laughed out loud several times while reading this book and couldn’t put it down.

Emma Rae is an adorable Southern heroine, raised by a true Southern lady. She knows just how to act in every situation—except for when her mother and father happen to be in the same town at the same time. Then it is bad. Very very bad.

Jackson is a hurting hero, still reeling from the death of his much loved bride. He is desperate to keep her alive by living her dream for her. ALWAYS THE BAKER NEVER THE BRIDE is a fun read that is also filled with wedding tips, cake decorating tips, and some yummy (but rich) sounding recipes. Don’t miss this book. $13.99. 308 pages.

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